Transformers: Super-God Masterforce
Rise Up!! Pretenders
Terror! The Destron's Manhunt
Kidnapping!? The Targeted Jumbo Jet
Birth! Headmaster Jrs
Rage!! Little Devils with No Need for Rules
Go, Goshooter - Showdown in the Wasteland
Panic! Protect the Wild Animals!!
Super Warriors - The Godmaster Brothers
A Fierce Battle!! The Cybertrons Are in Trouble
A Hero Is Chosen - His Name Is Ginrai
Ginrai: God On of Rage!!
A Strange Friendship: Cancer and Minerva
Friend or Foe!? The True Form of the Monster!!
Eliminate the Godmaster Ginrai
Heroism!! The Birth of Super Ginrai
Lightfoot: A Dramatic Encounter
An Enemy? The Third Godmaster, Ranger
A Powerful Foe!! Sixknight the Wanderer
Assemble! The Four Godmaster Gunmen
The Cybertron Warrior, Sixknight?!
Save the Little Girl! The Super-God Warriors, the Godmasters
Life? Death? The Desperate Lightfoot
Expose the Destron's Dark Trap!
Super Ginrai Gets Blown Away in the Desert!?
Threat of Destruction! The Bomber Project
God Ginrai - Into the Sky!!
God Ginrai - Showdown on the Surface of the Moon
Overlord - Terror of the Choukon Tornado
Escape!! The Underwater Volcano Erupts
Destroy Godbomber!!
Appearance!! The Final Godmaster
Secret Orders! Destroy the Cybertron Base!!
Disaster! The Cybertron Base Explodes
BlackZarak - Destroyer from Space
Crisis! The Day of Human Extinction
God Ginrai - Rescue Cancer!?
God Ginrai: Showdown at the Destron Base
The Ultimate Combination!! BlackZarak, the New Lifeform
Battle to the Death!! God Ginrai VS Darkwings Reborn
Cybertrons! Desperate Attack!!
Malevolent and Inhuman! The True Form of Devil Z
A Battle...and Then...
You Too Use the Masterforce to Transform

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