The Beginning of a Journey
The King of the Air Force
Landing in Hong Kong
Darkness at Kowloon Palace
Hot Blooded Fei Long
Appearance of the Secret Technique
The Revenge of Ashura
Trap Prison and the Scream of Truth
The Superstar of Muay Thai
Dark Omen
Visitation of the Beasts
The Deadly Phantom Faceoff
The Legend of Hadouken
The Bloodthirsty Prince
Clash of the Titans
The Unveiled Ruler
Shudder! The Despot's Commander
The Beautiful Assassin
Special Orders to Iron Men
Unknown Explosive Force
Compulsion Towards Vengeance
Rising Dragon into the Sky
The Icy Light of Their Eyes
Nightmare Reunion
Fight to the Finish (Round One)
Fight to the Finish (Round Two)
Fight to the Finish (Round Three)
Fight to the Finish (Round Four)
Fight to the Finish (Final Round)

Bonus Material: Plot holes / Releases / Voice Actors