Street Fighter II V

First aired in Japan in 1995, Street Fighter II V is a 29 episode anime series which focuses on the adventures of a younger Ryu and Ken. As they make their way across the world, they encounter many other fighters and learn the ways of the hadou. The series would be dubbed into English and released in America throughout 1997 and 1998. A UK exclusive dub would be released throughout 1999 to 2002. Whilst the first half of the series is generally liked by fans, the latter half quickly falters due to a slow moving plot and heavy use of stock footage. Many wonder if there were some kind of production troubles behind the scenes, which is why there are several unresolved plot holes by the end of the series.


1) Episode List
2) Releases
3) Voice Cast

Episode List

The Beginning
of a Journey

Invitation from San Francisco
The King of the Air Force
An Explosion of
Menacing Military Combat
Landing in Hong Kong
Sneaking In... The Invitation
From Devil's Battle Cave
Darkness at Kowloon Palace
Their Great Escape
From The Lawless Zone
Hot Blooded Fei Long
Super Battle Action Movie
Appearance of the Secret

The Ki Begins to Rise,
the Awakening of Hadou
The Revenge of Ashura
The Attacking Muay Thai
The Superstar of Muay Thai
The Grand Prison Battle Symphony
Dark Omen
The Veiled Rightful Ruler
Visitation of the Beasts
The Fierce, Holy Monk
Advice to Young Warriors
The Deadly Phantom Faceoff
The Battle Spirit Hidden
Between Body and Soul
The Legend of Hadou Ken
All Creation, Source of the Energy
The Bloodthirsty Prince
A Lust for Beauty and a Love
Potion for Chun Li
Clash of the Titans
Mortal Combat for Pride, Life,
and Cinderella
The Unveiled Ruler
The Rampage of the Fearful Thirst
for Conquest Begins
The Despot's Commander

Infiltration Stratagem -
An Approaching Crisis
The Beautiful Assassin
Green Eyes, Terror of the Cross
Special Orders to Iron Men
The Mightiest Rescuers Launch
into the Sheltering Skies
Unknown Explosive Force
The Full Extent of
Unbelievable Power
Compulsion Towards

Cyberchip - The Challenge to
Mind Control
Rising Dragon
Into the Sky

The Extremes of Rage -
Awakening Hadou
The Icy Light
Of Their Eyes
Heroes Possessed by Evil
Nightmare Reunion
An Anguished Cry,
A Mind Sealed Away
Fight to the Finish
(Round One)

The Grand Triple
Battle Command
Fight to the Finish
(Round Two)

The Final Moments of an
Exhausted True Friend
Fight to the Finish
(Round Three)

Critical Point -
The Limits of the Smashing
Hadou Energy
Fight to the Finish
(Round Four)

Master Bison
The Overwhelming Destructive
Fight to the Finish
(Final Round)

The Final Battle,
Risking All of Body and Soul


As of 2023, the series has not had a Blu-ray release. The series is available on video but the best option is still the DVD sets. In 1997, Manga Entertainment released the series on video in America. In total they released 10 tapes, most of them had 3 episodes on each tape (the last one only had 2). There were two versions of the tapes: one with the English dub, and then another with the Japanese dub, and English subtitles (the latter had a slightly higher price). Manga also released the entire series on Laserdisc. Alternatively, four separate volumes were also released on DVD by Manga, with each disc having 7 or 8 episodes on it. Due to an error, the cover art of three of these volumes were incorrect. Volume 2 features art which should have been used on volume 3, volume 3 has art which should have been on volume 4 and volume 4 has art which should have been used for volume 2. All volumes include the English dub, along with the Japanese dub and optional English subtitles. Manga also release The Street Fighter II V Collection, a box set which contained all four of their previous DVDs.

In 1998, ADV started to release Street Fighter II V in the UK on video. Like the Manga Entertainment tapes, most volumes have three episodes each on them. The main difference is that the ADV version features a completely different English dub. It also retains the original Japanese intro and credits sequences (with the Japanese credits translated into English), although the intro only plays with the first episode on each tape. The eyecatcher is also still present in this version, but the next episode preview segments were removed. This version has everyone pronounce Ryu's name as "Roo" (it should sound like "Ree-you") and also makes some other changes. Probably the most notable is that Dorai was changed to "Do Lai" (and is even spelt that way in the credits).

The fourth episode was also censored -originally, Ryu, Ken and Chun Li have a confrontation with the Flying Black Snake clan. This scene was almost entirely cut from the ADV version, due to the clan members using nunchaku weapons, and UK film censors hate those. The episode was edited to show that Ken's group are being followed, but then tries to imply that it was the Hockey Blade gang who had been following them. This doesn't really work, as the Hockey Blade gang wear masks, whilst the Snake clan don't. Interestingly, Kokuja, the leader of the Flying Black Snake clan, is still credited as being voiced by Jason Lee. This suggests that the scene was dubbed for this version, but was cut later, and the audio was never used.

Voice Cast

Japanese voice actor
Kaneto Shiozawa
Tomomichi Nishimura
Yōko Sasaki
Chisa Yokoyama
Shōzō Iizuka
Rokuro Naya
Fei Long
Kazuki Yao
Tesshō Genda
Kenji Haga
Ryōichi Tanaka
Kōji Tsujitani
Banjō Ginga
Kenji Utsumi
Yasuro Tanaka

Manga dub voice actor
Joe Romersa
Tom Wyner
Debra Jean Rogers
Lia Sargent
Steve Blum
Michael Forest
Fei Long
Jim Taggert
Kirk Thornton
Stephen Apostolina
Dean Elliott
Skip Stellrecht
Peter Spellos
Richard Cansino
Michael Sorich