Series 1

Trapped in the Sky
Pit of Peril
City of Fire
Sun Probe
The Uninvited
The Mighty Atom
Vault Of Death
Operation Crash-Dive
Move - And You're Dead
Martian Invasion
Brink Of Disaster
The Perils Of Penelope
Terror In New York City
End Of The Road
Day Of Disaster
Edge Of Impact
Desperate Intruder
30 Minutes After Noon
The Impostors
The Man From MI.5
Cry Wolf
Danger At Ocean Deep
The Duchess Assignment
Attack Of The Alligators!
The Cham-Cham
Security Hazard

Series 2

Atlantic Inferno
Path Of Destruction
Alias Mr. Hackenbacker
Lord Parker's 'Oliday
Give Or Take A Million

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