Manga exclusive chapters of Hokuto no Ken
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On February 18th 1988, the final episode of the Hokuto no Ken 2 anime was broadcast. However, the manga was still going, and did not come to an end until later on in the year. This section takes a look at what happens in these manga exclusive stories, which start directly after Kenshiro's final battle with Kaioh. It is not stated how much time has passed since Kaioh's defeat, but it does not appear to be very long at all -a couple of weeks, maybe months at the most.

Chapter 24
(Note: The first few parts of this chapter contains the rest of the Kenshiro Vs. Kaioh fight)

A New Hope!
An Oath of Fists and Blood!
The End of the Wolf Age!
The Laughing Hyena!
The Wolf Lives!!

Chapter 25

A Malicious Arrow!
Like a Rat!
The Princess From Sava!
A Hero Arrives!
A Wish Which Spits Out Blood!
The Three Stars Don't Cross Paths!
A Prologue to Destruction
A Violent Warrior!
Caught in a Cruel Fist!!
A Death Suited For a King!

Chapter 26

Like Father, Like Son!
A Grand Death!
A Familiar Sacred Image
At the End of Love
A Promise Drenched in Tears!
One Motivated by Hatred!
God Becomes Merciless
The Shadow of the Conqueror!
The Unbreakable Fist!!

Chapter 27

A Man Driven By Death...
A Faraway Love...
The Miraculous Light!
His Powerful Fists!!
For the One Who Gave Their Love!
The Boy From That Day
A Yearning to be Together!
The Ultimate Superhuman Returns!!
A Sacrifice Without Regret!!
Farewell to My Loved Ones...And Into the Desert land...

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