This series update can be read at the Sunbow and Marvel Productions Script/Storyboard Archive. It was written by Flint Dille, and sent out to potential writers to give notes about what to do and not do in their scripts, along with some story ideas. The update was sent out in February 1985. Here are some highlights:

The answer here mentions about a device would be created in an episode which would tell a Transformer if they are running low on energy. It makes it sound like this would be a special thing all characters would have, but no such device is ever seen in the series. This effects of characters running low on energy is best shown in this episode, although none of the characters lose the ability to speak.

This answer mentions about how Cybertron could have started out as a space station, then grown out. It also notes how the deeper you go, the older things get. This doesn't really apply in season 2, but in the season 3 episode, The Dweller in the Depths, this idea was used.

This note was definitely picked up by the writers -the second season, particularly towards the middle and onwards, packed in a some aliens and a few female characters.

Story ideas

At the end od the document, Flint wrote down some story ideas. Some were used, some weren't.

This one's easy: it was turned into The God Gambit, which was indeed written by Buzz Dixon.

This idea was never used. The closest thing you could say about it is that it perhaps inspired a scene in Starscream's Brigade, where Starscream takes some personality components from a Decepticon detention center. But it's really nothing like the idea suggested here. It's too bad nobody went with this, as it could have been a good way of showing all the new characters in season 2 showing up, instead of having them appear out of nowhere.

Not used. It perhaps maybe inspired The Master Builders, which features Hoist and Grapple working together with the Constructicons, but that episode doesn't have Hoist repairing a Decepticon. Hoist is never seen having any problems firing at Decepticons, so the idea he was a pacifist was never developed in the show. However, the idea of a pacifist Autobot would later be explored in the season 3 episode The Ultimate Weapon.

This one definitely inspired Child's Play. But the idea here makes it sound like it would be a Decepticon-centric episode, with no Autobots around.

This idea would be used in Make Tracks.

This idea wasn't used.

This one became A Decepticon Raider in King Arthur's Court, which was written by Douglas Booth.

This idea was used in The Key to Vector Sigma, which featured the Decepticons and Autobots traveling into Cybertron to find Vector Sigma. However, Flint also wanted to use it -but he had bigger plans for it, as instead of doing an episode, he wrote a movie script for it, entitled The Secret of Cybertron. This script has been lost.

Make Tracks does feature the Decepticons creating some transforming cars. But the ideas that the cars would discredit the Autobots, and humans getting upset with them, wasn't used.

This idea wasn't used.

This idea was used in Prime Target, but it's not the Decepticons using these traps -it's Lord Chumley.

This idea would be used in Child's Play, which features some Autobots and Decepticons getting sent over the space bridge to a far away planet. But the idea about Autobots being needed desperately on Earth wasn't used.