Face of Fury

Street Fighter episode 19
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Blanka's rage is out of control -and things get worse when Vega escapes from prison.
Original USA broadcast date: November 15th, 1996


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Guile and Blanka are on a peace keeping assignment in the Middle East, but some locals call Blanka a monster and throw stones at him. He reacts violently, no longer able to keep himself under control due to the mega dose of mutagen he received. He eventually calms down, but can remember nothing of the last few minutes. His fighting is shown on the news, where Vega, who is in prison, happens to see it. Seeing Blanka sends him into a rage, and he quickly escapes so he can get revenge on him for their previous encounter. At their hotel room, Guile suggests that Blanka should spend some time away so he can work things out.

Later, Chun-Li contacts Guile, and he flies back to meet up with her. She reports that Vega has escape from prison, and as the two drive off, they come across the van Vega escaped in, which has Blanka's name etched into it. Blanka has flown to Hawaii to meet with Ma-Lei, who is initially happy to see him. But when the two go to get something to eat from a hotel, Blanka's rage goes out of control again, after a tourist calls him a monster. Ma-Lei is shocked by Blanka's violent actions, and goes off to think about things. But she is found by Vega.

Blanka appears and Vega lets Ma-Lei go, as he only wants to destroy Blanka. The two start to fight, but Vega can't do anything to Blanka -a point driven home when his talon shatters on Blanka's skin. Blank beats him up and says he'll make him pay for hurting Ma-Lei, just as Guile and Chun-Li arrive. They know they have to stop Blanka from killing Vega, and start to fight him. But they don't do much better than Vega.

Even after combining their projectiles, Blanka is still standing. Blanka is about to finish them off when he hears Ma-Lei screaming, and sees that Vega has her. Vega intends to mutilate her face, but Blanka uses a new technique which has him throw out a small but powerful projectile. This projectile hits Vega in the face.

Blanka is about to kill Vega when Ma-Lei stops him. She tells Blanka that he can't do this, and if she ever loved him, he must spare him. She tells him he has changed, into something that she can't comprehend. His face was once filled with compassion, but now it is filled only with fury. Not only is he just a beast on the outside, but also a beast within. Blanka calms down and says he is a beast, who is not fit to walk among men. He walks off and says he is not fit to be here with her. As Blanka leaves, Vega gets up and slinks off. Guile and Chun-Li recover, and Ma-Lei tells them what happened. Chun-Li tells her that Blanka responded to her. She tells her that no matter how deep Blanka's true nature is buried, he can be reached, so there is still hope for him. Guile says Blanka may have given up on himself, but they won't give up on him -they'll find a way to help him, whatever it takes. The next morning, Blanka sits on a rock alone.


-This episode originally first aired 10 days after the previous one, meaning it was shown on a Friday rather than a Saturday. Usually new episodes aired once a week, but as mentioned previously, the second season's air dates were pretty weird.

-During the explosion caused by Blanka hitting Guile and Chun-Li's projectiles, these images of Blanka's head appear for a single frame.

-The way Blanka charges his new move up -a small dot of energy seen at the tips of two of his fingers -looks similar to what Piccolo does for his special beam cannon, in Dragon Ball Z.

-Last appearance of Vega and Ma-Lei. Unlike last time, Vega clearly escapes at the end of the episode.


-Much like in "Keeping the Peace", an A.N. soldier can be seen with his finger on the trigger near the start of the episode.
-The TV is missing its screen when Vega throws it.
-When Vega leaps off the fence, the fence disappears.
-Blanka's legs are colored the same as his pants during this shot.
-When Vega crashes the van through the fence, the van overlaps part of the wall.
-Part of Chun-Li's left arm overlaps Guile during this shot.
-The van's roof is missing during this shot.
-Guile pronounces Ma-Lei's name as "Mai-Lei" throughout the episode.
-When Ma-Lei and Blanka first arrive at the hotel, Ma-Lei is still wearing the same outfit she had on the beach. But when she tries to stop Blanka from hurting the tourist, she's switched outfits during this shot. She switches a couple more times during this scene.
-When Ma-Lei stumbles backwards and trips, Vega's legs are shown instead of hers.
-When Vega says "had enough", his talon isn't broken.
-Vega's black eye is missing during this shot.

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