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Street Fighter episode 18
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Ken gets involved with Fei Long's latest movie, and soon lets fame go to his head.
Original USA broadcast date: November 5th, 1996


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Fei Long is starring in a new film he's written and directing, Triad Enforcers, and gives Ken a small part in the film. Ken uses his chi powers to destroy a helicopter, which Fei Long is pleased with due to the tight budget not giving them enough money to afford a fireball special effect. Due to the film's subject matter, Wo Fat's agents try to stop the production. One of Wo Fat's people tries to assassinate Fei Long, but Ryu and Fei Long stop him. One of the sets is damaged, just as A.B. Jones, who works for the company that insures Fei Long's film, walks in. Having seen the damage, he announces that they are pulling their funding for the film, causing production to shut down. Ryu convinces Ken to help Fei Long by asking his father, Danten, for money. Ken reluctantly meets with his father, who agrees to give them money to finish the film, but he puts Ken in charge of being responsible for it.

Unfortunately this results in Ken taking over the production of the film. He refuses to go with Ryu to San Francisco for a Street Fighter mission, and then rewrites the script to take his death scene out and instead make himself the movie's co-star. Another attempt by Wo Fat's agents results in Ken saving Fei Long from a fatal fall (but unknown to most, Fei Long had actually just saved Ken), resulting in Ken become a Hollywood mega star. Ken starts partying all day and all night, much to Fei Long's annoyance.

Ryu attempts to get Ken to come along with him for their mission, but he refuses. The last scene for the movie is shot, but due to Ken being tired from partying non-stop, he repeatedly ruins takes, resulting in a very long shoot. As Fei Long tells his film crew that they will finally be done with the film if Ken doesn't muck this last scene up, Ken snaps and attacks him. The two start to fight each other, but Ken throws a reel of film negative at part of an refinery set.

This results in the entire set, then the entire building, being destroyed. The film is also destroyed, and Fei Long tells Ken that he has let down his father, his friends, and himself. Fei Long tells him that being sorry won't restore the film, nor will it defeat Wo Fat, nor will is repay his father -neither the money, or his trust. Ken tells him he is right, and he has to change. He can see that now, and says his father was right: he has to take responsibility for his actions. Danten appears, and has heard everything. He tells Ken that if he really means that, then it was worth losing his money -if he got his son back. With Ken and Danten on good terms again, Danten arrange for Fei Long to star in a new movie which is being filmed in Hong Kong. Ken heads to San Francisco, and makes amends with Ryu.


-This episode was originally first broadcast 3 and a half weeks after the previous one. Episodes had been airing on Saturdays, but this one was on a Wednesday. This marks the start of the second season's bizarre air dates, taking several months to broadcast the remaining 8 episodes.

-This episode's title and opening credits don't appear as soon as the episode starts, unlike in all the other episodes.

-This is another episode that doesn't have Guile in it.

-Ryu uses his dragon punch for the first time in the series, against the guy who tries to assassinate Fei Long. He does not say "shoryuken" when using the move.

-When Fei Long mentions Sachi, several clips from "The Hand That Feeds You" are shown. Surprisingly this includes a shot of Fei Long kicking someone so hard that they bleed!

-The guy who reports to Wo Fat looks like this guy from "The Hand That Feeds You", just with differently colored hair. His voice is different too.

-Wo Fat sounds different to when he previously appeared. He seems to have also put on some weight.

-The clapboard shown a couple of times has the name McNeil listed as the second unit director the first time it's shown, and then Big O the second time. This is most likely referencing Daryll "Big D" McNeil, who was a storyboard artist for the series.

There is a brief shot of a newspaper which has a headline about Ken saving Fei Long. There is another headline stating "InVISION OPENS STUDIO". InVision Entertainment were the production company for the cartoon's second season.

-As the shot of the airport fades in, a building can be seen with the words "STREET FIGHTER" on it.

-This episode marks Fei Long's last appearance in the series, despite the fact that he's yet to actually deal with Wo Fat.


-The damage caused to the background doesn't match up between shots -compare it to when Ryu and Fei Long take cover to when A.B. Jones points at it.
-When the triad enforcer says "do not be so sure of that", Fei Long's sock is skin colored instead of white.
-Ken's car overlaps Danten's car during this shot.
-Ken's arms are colored the same as his gi for this shot.
-When flipped, the hotel sign appears to read "BEVERLY HILD" instead of "BEVERLY HILLS".
-When Fei Long jump kicks an enforcer, his body overlaps the staircase.
-Ken picks up Yuen Lo, kicks a guy, then catches her. When he does the kick, the noise he makes is provided by Fei Long rather than Ken.
-When Yuen Lo kicks a guy, Ken's mouth can be seen moving, but he doesn't say anything.
-Fei Long's wire is missing during this shot.
-During the shot of the film crew reacting to the fight, someone can be heard saying "get a camera", but nobody's mouth moves when this line is heard.
-When Yuen Lo runs away from the fire, her animation cells are misaligned with the background, so her body seems to break up as she runs out of the shot.

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