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The Street Fighters are sent on a mission in Hong Kong, where they meet the country's biggest action star: Fei Long.
Original USA broadcast date: January 6th, 1996


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Guile, Ken and Ryu are in Hong Kong, on a mission to bust some drug smugglers. The assignment has them work at a studio, where Guile is an extra on Fei Long's newest film. When they aren't working on the movie they aren't getting anywhere with their mission, as any leads they get are too scared to talk. Ryu is also looking for his missing cousin, Sachi. Guile lets Ryu and Ken look for her, and the two go to a harbor where Ryu was told a cab driver took her recently. At the harbor, they see a truck pull up and look inside it, and find several prisoners. However they are then seen and have to surrender, not wanting to risk the prisoners getting shot.

Guile continues to get nowhere with his leads, but Fei Long appears and offers him a deal: teach him the ways of the chi force, and he'll teach him about Hong Kong. Guile agrees and spars with Fei Long, and later on Fei Long takes him to one of his friends, Wo-Lin. Wo-Lin hints that Fei Long's director, Raymond Wang, has something to do with it all. Ken manages to send a signal to Guile which reveals where he is, so Guile and Fei Long head to it and find the drug manufacturing plant. Ryu finds his cousin there, who reveals she and all the others were kidnapped and forced to work. Guile and Fei Long enter the plant. The two take down the bad guys, whilst Ryu and Ken get the prisoners out.

Fei Long confronts Wang, with the latter revealing that he is the one behind the drug smuggling operation, and has been using the money from it to finance Fei Long's career. Enraged, Fei Long uses a new move to destroy the plant. He later tells the Street Fighters that he's done with movies, and now wants to study the ways of the ancient fighters, and really master his own chi energy. Guile tells him it looks to him like he's already well on his way.


-Sachi is not in the games, and is a cartoon only character.

-The hadouken Ken throws has an image of his hands inside it, making it game-accurate. This is the only time this happens in the entire series.

-Before Guile and Fei Long are seen sparring, there is a chair with the name "MARU" on it. According to the credits there was a production supervisor called Toshiaki Marumori, so this could possibly be a reference to them?

-Just before Ken and Ryu enter the communications room, there is a guard who walks by. His shirt is Puma branded.

-This episode features a few things you'd think would make it not suitable to be broadcast for kids, such as:
--Ryu and Ken make references to buying alcohol.
--Sachi's nipples can be seen pressed against her shirt for this shot.
--When Fei Long kicks one of the guards, the guard bleeds actual blood!


-Sachi's bandanna is missing during this shot.
-When Ryu first gets into the truck, the prisoners all have blue uniforms, but when it cuts to this shot, two of the prisoners have different colors.
-The third punk Guile fights has a watch with a golden face, but when Guile takes a closer look at it, the face is white.
-When Ken says "I can take out that guard" his mouth doesn't move.
-He also has red sleeves when he says the above line, when his gi isn't meant to have sleeves at all.
-When Ken says "well, time to greet out adoring public", a guard's mouth is seen moving during the "well, time to greet" line as if he's saying it.
-Ken's hadoukens are colored yellow in this episode, in all other episode they're blue (maybe this was a reference to the easter egg in the games?)
-The first hadouken Ken throws is yellow, but when it hits the guard, it's changed color to blue.
-When Ken says "come on Ryu, checkout time!", the animation makes it look like his hair or gi gets singed by a laser, but no laser beam is seen.
-Wo-Lin's restaurant is called "DRAGON" when first seen. However when it gets blown up, the entrance has changed so it has "DRAGOON" above the front door. These letters weren't there in the establishing shot of the place.
-When Fei Long walks away from Wang, Guile's arms have American flag tattoos on them! In the games he has these, but in the cartoon he doesn't have them apart from in this episode, for a couple of shots only. As he and Fei Long walk off, they flicker and vanish.
-Part of Ryu's head overlaps one of the bars of Sachi's cell during this shot.
-When Guile sees two guards heading to Midori's cell, one is wearing green clothes, and the other has a blue shirt with brown pants. But when the cell door is opened, there's only one guard, and he has a yellow shirt.
-When Sachi holds Midori, Midori's earrings are colored red instead of yellow. They stay red for the rest of the episode.
-When Ken says "any more bright ideas Ryu", the "guard" on the far right is just a hand with a gun!
-As Guile says "Now! Sonic boom!", his arm clips through the wall as he runs forward.
-The sonic boom Guile throws is also colored blue instead of yellow.
-When Sachi says "yeah right, like this is a movie", her earrings are missing.
-The two guards that chase Guile and Fei Long aren't layered properly, making it look like they've phased through a wall when they appear.
-Guile flash kick has a yellow aura, in previous episodes it's consistently colored blue.
-Guile's arm tattoo returns for this shot only.
-The guy Guile helps -who is cleared Earnest Evans -initially has a brown jacket with blue pants. But his clothing colors change to all green for this shot. In the next shot the colors are back to what they were before.
-Sachi's earrings are missing again when she and Midori go on about Fei Long.

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