Keeping the Peace

Street Fighter episode 11
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Guile and Chun-Li head to Sierra Del Fuego, where Colonel Sawada awaits.
Original USA broadcast date: January 20th, 1996


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Guile and Chun-Li are sent to Sierra Del Fuego, where a dirt farmer dug up a well, turning up a fortune in emeralds. There are now two sides arguing over the border, and Escher fears Bison will try and make it worse. Guile arrives but is taken by T. Hawk to meet A.N. Colonel Sawada, who took over Guile's old position following his court marshal. Sawada explains that he is trying to keep the peace between the two sides and makes it clear he doesn't want Guile there, but is then nearly taken out by a sniper. They rush out to try and find the would-be assassin, but find that General Mendoza, leader of one of the two sides, has captured him.

Chun-Li also arrives, and manages to find couple of Mendoza's men. She and Guile follow the men to a mine, only to find they intend to blow it up. Guile is able to stop this from happening by breaking the bomb with a sonic boom. Meanwhile, Mendoza reports to Sagat that the bomb failed to detonate. Wanting the A.N. to take Mendoza's side so they will take the mines legally, Sagat decides on a new course of action: kill some of the A.N. peace keepers and blame it on the other side.

Mendoza contacts Sawada and says he has found out his enemies intend to destroy one of his mine's tonight. Guile tries to warn Sawada that Mendoza is behind the attacks, but Sawada doesn't believe him and heads out with several A.N. troops. However they are ambushed and captured by Sagat and Mendoza, and led into the mine.

However Guile's team arrive at the mine. The Street Fighters and A.N. forces defeat Mendoza and his men, whilst Sagat is able to escape -but not before activating another bomb. Everyone but Sawada and Guile exit the mine, but the two soon argue over how to diffuse the bomb, and get into a fight. Guile defeats Sawada with a sonic boom and has to carry him out of the mine, just as the bomb explodes. Guile reluctantly tells Sawada he was right, to which Sawada tells him apology accepted. Guile tells him he said nothing about an apology...


-This episode was originally first broadcast two weeks after the previous episode, usually new episodes aired once a week.

-Escher is only heard in this episode, and never actually seen.

-Very early on in the episode, a newspaper passes by with several Capcom references (and a lot of typos, see below) on it. Highlights include Street Fighter III being released in Korea, Darkstalkers 2 being out for home systems, the Mad Gear gang being busted and an android being brought to life by Dr. Light. The paper also has "ROCK MAN", the character's Japanese name, instead of "MEGA MAN".

-Also on the paper is a picture of a guy with a cigarette in his mouth! Smoking was a taboo subject in cartoons but somehow Street Fighter got away with it. The guy is also wearing a Levi's branded cap.

-Guile's opponent resembles Bred, a generic enemy from Final Fight.

-Sawada makes his first appearance in the cartoon here. In the live action movie, he actually willingly participated in the attack on Shadaloo. Here though it is hinted at that he didn't, as he's seen testifying against Guile in the court marshal flashback.

-The news report is from GNN, which is a reference to CNN.

-Sawada and the A.N. troops seem to fire actual bullets, rather than lasers, from their guns -you see shell casings eject from their weapons as they fire them.

-The move Sawada uses to break his pursuer's guns resembles Alex's flash chop.

-T.Hawk manages to scare three of Mendoza's men away just by jumping towards them.


-The newspaper seen at the start is full of Engrish. The first page has "STREET FIGHTER 3 RELEASD" instead of "STREET FIGHTER 3 RELEASED", "DARKBSTALKERS 2" instead of "DARKSTALKERS 2" (or should it be Night Warriors?), "DB2 OUT FOR 32BIT HOME BUGTEMB" instead of "DB2 OUT FOR 32BIT HOME SYSTEMS". The second page has "MAYOR MICHAEL HABOAR DEFEATB CRIPE SYNDIDATE" instead of "MAYOR MICHAEL HAGGAR DEFEATS CRIME SYNDICATE".
-One of the A.N. soldiers shown at the start is riding in a Jeep with his finger on the trigger of his gun! Army guys are meant to know better than that.
-When Guile tells Sawada he's not here to help either side, T. Hawk's red arm band is missing.
-It's missing again when Guile says "look out!".
-When Guile tackles Sawada, the animation actually has the laser blast hit Guile's head, although it passes through to the filing cabinet behind them.
-The tip of Chun-Li's snooker cue is initially red, but it changes color to green when she's about to take her first shot. It then changes to red again, then changes to white when she puts it down.
-When Guile finds the bomb, there are only 7 seconds left on the timer. He then takes 4 seconds to say "Whoops. Big ol' bomb!". There's then another 15 seconds taken for him to try and diffuse the bomb and sonic boom it, yet the bomb's timer still has two seconds left when it's broken.
-Sawada's unit seems to initially consist of two armored vehicles -troops are seen running into two of them -but only one actually heads out to the mine.
-The timer for the second bomb is even more screwed up than the first. It has around 35 seconds left, but takes around two minutes to actually explode.
-When Sawada says "get to the surface!", T. Hawk's red arm bands are missing again.

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