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Street Fighter episode 12
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Bison is captured by British special forces, but it's part of a grand plan to get him a billion pounds.
Original USA broadcast date: January 27th, 1996


1) Synopsis
2) Notes
3) Errors


Bison is captured by a British special forces team, which consists of Burke, Rory and Celia -Cammy's old friends. Escher gets Guile and Cammy to head to the UK, as he believes Bison is a ticking time bomb, who's people will never let him see behind bars. Guile and Cammy happen to meet Burke and the others in a pub, but there is bad blood between her and her old team.

However one of Bison's people sets explosives in the pub and detonates them. Both teams survive and find out that there have been several explosions across London, which Bison is taking credit for. He wants to be released and given a billion pounds sterling, otherwise he'll have more bombs set off. Guile and Cammy happen to notice Bison's lawyer, who's actually Zangief, leave Scotland Yard. They follow him as he gets onto a train, which is on the Channel Tunnel. They corner him, but the train's power suddenly goes out, and he escapes.

It turns out the train is Bison's next target, and has had several explosives put on it. Guile and Cammy take out Bison's forces and get all of the people off the train, but they find out from Dee Jay and Honda that Bison's demands have been met, and he is about to leave via helicopter with his money. With the civilians safe, Burke's team try to stop Bison from escaping, but Bison blasts them and also takes down Dee Jay and Honda's helicopter, which crashes into a street. However Dee Jay and Honda survive, and Honda charges towards Bison whilst using his 100 hand slap. Bison throws the crates of money at him...

...which are destroyed, sending the money everywhere. Bison is able to escape in his helicopter. Later, Cammy parts ways with her team, telling Burke that they don't need each other, and he should consider being with Celia. She heads back to the Street Fighters, and Guile asks her if she's made the right choice. Her special forces has first rate benefits, and a heck of a pension plan. Cammy tells him why bother, as working with him, there's no way she'll ever make it to retirement anyway. They all laugh and then head towards their plane.


-At the very start of the episode, there's a guy reading a newspaper. The newspaper looks very similar to the one shown at the start of "Keeping the Peace", but the Engrish has mostly been corrected, along with:
--The bit about Street Fighter 3 being released states it's in Japanese arcades instead of Korean ones.
--The picture of the guy with the Levi's cap is gone, replaced with a story about Final Fight 3 being released.
--The story about the jewels in South America features additional text which mentions Sierra Del Fuego, which is where the previous episode was set.

-The special forces team are based on Delta Red, a group of supporting characters who originally appeared in Cammy's Super Street Fighter II ending. They were given slight (or major in Celia's case) redesigns and given different names for this cartoon. The games had Wolfman (Burke), McCoy (Rory) and Luwanda (Celia). In the games the team were not named, which may explain why they were given different names in the cartoon. The games also had an additional member called Ginzu, who doesn't appear in the cartoon.

-Does anyone recognize these two people? They are in the background of one shot when Guile and Cammy run towards the train. Are they special cameos, and if they are, does anyone recognize what series they're from?


-There is still a typo on the newspaper seen at the start: "MAYOU" instead of "MAYOR".
-When Burke tells Bison to keep his hands where they can see them, his eye scar is missing.
-The cables which Rory rips out of the wall are initially colored gray, but change colors to brown once they're tied up around Bison. The colors are correct when he's shown on the news report.
-When Escher says "selling plumbing supplies", Guile's dog tag is missing.
-On every establishing shot of Scotland Yard, there's a floating purple spinning cube. I guess this was the animator's attempt at the spinning sign?
-When Burke gets up from his desk, Celia's hat changes color from gray to red as she moves.
-When Rory says "and this is nothing like", Burke's arm gauntlets are missing.
-When Burke says "well we have an early roll call in the morning", Celia's legs change colors as she moves.
-When the dart hits the table, Burke's eye scar is missing.
-Cammy has red boots instead of gray when Burke tells her she can't go into the pub.
-The "Fly Jamaica" sign has two white women on it at first, one of whom doesn't have a white jacket. But when Guile knocks it down with a sonic boom, the women have changed skin colors, and both have white jackets.
-Guile's dog tag is missing when Celia jumps onto the sign.
-Just before the sign hits the ground, the words are all in black instead of yellow, and Jamaica is spelt "JAMAKA".
-The admin guy's skin is colored the same as his uniform during this shot.
-When Zangief pulls up to the Underground entrance, the sign says "REGENT STRCUS" instead of "REGENT STREET".
-As Cammy and Guile run towards the train, Cammy's face scar is missing.
-Her scar is missing again when Guile tells her to clear the train.
-The sonic boom Guile throws at the wall uses the same animation as the one he threw at Zangief, which means it looks like he's throwing it inside the train, when he's supposed to be outside it.
-As Bison thanks the special forces for their gracious hospitality, Burke's eye scar is missing.
-Burke's gun fires green lasers at first, but later fires blue lasers.
-When Bison blasts the special forces, only Celia is seen been hit by a blast, nothing actually touches Rory or Burke (but they both get knocked back anyway).
-There are three crates of money, but Bison only picks up two of them. What happened to the third crate?
-When Burke walks toward Celia and says "I'm buying" his left hand overlaps her for a couple of frames.
-Then when he places his right hand on her, one of his fingers is drawn rather weirdly.
-When Cammy says she'll never make it to retirement, her face scar is missing.

On either side of Dee Jay's pant legs, the word "MAXIMUM" is written. This was clearly going to be a pain for the animators to do, and they tried their best, but there are a few instances of them getting it wrong:
-When Honda stands around in the money, Dee Jay runs up to him, and there are no letters on his pants.
-No letters during most of the last scene.
-"MOX" instead of "MAX" when the team head to the plane.

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