Strange Bedfellows

Street Fighter episode 13
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The Street Fighters and Bison's forces are attacked by a mysterious warrior, who lures out Guile and Bison.
Original USA broadcast date: February 3rd, 1996


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Someone is attacking bases belonging to both Bison and the Street Fighters, but leaves clues to get the two sides to blame each other. Bison believes the Street Fighters are the ones responsible for the attacks, whilst Escher tells Guile he has evidence that Bison is the one who attacked them. As this is going on, the real attacker continues his assaults on both sides. One of his attacks results in Lucinda being injured.

Eventually Guile is able to find the location of where he believes Bison is, and heads to an island. He does find Bison, however Bison says he came here thanks to a map he sent to him. Neither of them understand each other, but then the mysterious attacker finally reveals himself: Akuma! Akuma tells them he wants them to fight each other to the death, and then he will kill the victor. He wants to take their chi energy and add it to his own.

Blanka and Chun-Li are also able to work out Bison's location and head to the island, unaware that Sagat and Zangief are also on the way to it. Back at the island, Bison and Guile decide they'll have to work together to stand any chance of defeating Akuma, and after some initial mishaps, they're able to find where Akuma is hiding.

They initially can't land a hit on him due to him being able to teleport, but Bison is able to stop him by trapping him in a magnetic field. Guile throws a sonic boom at him which sends him crashing out of the cave, however he appears to be unharmed. Akuma tells Guile next time it won't be so easy, and vanishes. Blanka and Chun-Li arrive and find Guile, but then Zangief and Sagat arrive and start firing at them. Bison stops them and escapes with them on their helicopter, whilst the Street Fighters also escape via helicopter. Later on, Guile visits the recovering Lucinda, and the two kiss.


-By this cartoon's standards, the animation in this episode is noticeably better than any other episode in this season.

-The bios for Chun-Li and Blanka shown on Escher's computer use mostly the same data as the bios in the games, however Chun-Li's birth year is different (in the episode it's 1970, in the games it's 1968), and so is Blanka's (1967 instead of 1966).

-Whilst difficult to make out, the detonator microchip Guile looks at appears to say "CAPCOM" on it.

-When Guile finds out where Bison is, the logo for Super Street Fighter II: The New Challengers can be partially seen.

-When Blanka and Chun-Li find out which island Guile is on, the computer window is called "Sheng Long Island". Whilst this is a reference to Ryu's Street Fighter II win quote, it's also referencing the EGM April Fool's joke, which was the inspiration for Akuma.


-When Akuma kicks down the door, his beads can be seen. However when is cuts to a closer shot of him, the beads are gone, and his head covering now extends to cover his shoulders. It stays like this for the rest of the scene.
-After Akuma destroys the generator at the harbor, he watches a fire and a symbol is seen on his back. This is suppose to be 天, as per the games, but it doesn't look like it. The animators did get the 天 to look right on one of Akuma's beads though.
-The guy who takes Lucinda from Chun-Li has white sleeves at first, these change color to gray one shot later.
-When Blanka says "he said... all of us", his teeth are colored white instead of yellow.
-As Guile and Bison grapple, Guile goes to punch him whilst saying "strong enough". His dog tag disappears as he does this.
-It disappears again when he catches onto part of the cliff.
-Whilst Sagat and Zangief are seen heading to the island in a plane, they arrive at it in a helicopter.
-For most of this episode, Akuma is voiced by David Kaye. However when Guile and Bison enter his cave, a different voice actor (believed to be Dale Wilson) voices him instead.
-When Chun-Li falls over due to volcano erupting, everything colored yellow on her outfit suddenly turns light blue as she moves.
-When Guile shuts the helicopter door, Chun-Li's outfit has is colored light blue in places, instead of yellow.
-Lucinda's head bandage changes color a few times. At first it's white, then it changes to green, then it changes to the same color as her skin, and then it goes back to green again.

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