The Hammer Strikes

Street Fighter episode 14
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The Street Fighters team up with Sawada and Dhalsim to stop Satin Hammer.
Original USA broadcast date: September 21st, 1996


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Guile and Sawada are fighting each other, in what is meant to be a training exercise. They stop when they hear Blanka screaming, and go to him. Blanka says he can see an image of Dhalsim in his mind, and can also see Satin Hammer. Guile explains to Sawada that Dhalsim lives in the Himalayas, and suddenly Sawada wants to go with them there. T. Hawk goes along as well, and they find the reason Dhalsim summoned them was because he has a nuclear warhead -he stole it from a A.N. signatory nation, which was going to test it over sacred ground. But now Satin Hammer and her forces are trying to take it.

Satin Hammer and her forces then arrive and attack. Whilst the Street Fighters hold most of them off, Satin eventually manages to obtain the bomb and fly away with it. Guile and T. Hawk manage to get into her plane, but when Guile says he'll take her out, Hawk tackles him. They fall out of her plane and Hawk saves Guile by grabbing him and gliding into the snow. But Guile is mad and demands a good explanation. Hawk says that Hammer's henchmen were behind Guile, and were about to fire. Guile says he didn't see any henchmen, and it looks more like he was saving Hammer.

The team chase after hammer in their jet, and seemingly shoot it down, causing it to crash into the sea. However it turns into a sub, so Blanka dives into the waters and uses his electricity to force it to surface. Hawk goes against Guile's orders to stay behind and enters the sub first, where he finds Hammer. Hammer explains her target is Livermore Labs, as she wants revenge against the men who betrayed her. She used to work there, but whilst her mind was brilliant, her body was dying. They had promised to fund her project, and use her robotic theories to build her a new android body. However it turned out they really just wanted her secrets, and left her as she is now, still half-human. Hawk says he understands, but wants her to surrender the bomb to him. She responds by shooting him in the arm.

The rest of the team arrive, but Hammer reveals the remote, and despite Hawk's best efforts, is able to start the timer. She escapes, whilst the team have less than two minutes to stop the warhead from going off. Blanka convinces Dhalsim to stop the bomb, which he eventually does by removing its fission mechanism, with just 2 seconds to spare. The team return to the Himalayas, where they drop Dhalsim off. Dhalsim and Blanka talk in private, about how what Dhalsim did to Blanka may have given him a greater purpose, and how Dhalsim using the science he had turned his back on saved millions of innocents by stopping the bomb. He says he must contemplate this further, and Blanka says so must he. Blanka goes back to the plane, and the team head back home.


-This is the first episode of the series' second season. It uses the same intro as the first season, but the credits sequence was changed, and features stills from this episode.

-Animation wise, this is the best looking episode of the entire series.

-Fort McNeil is possibly a reference to Scott McNeil (Blanka and Ken's voice actor) or Daryll "Big D" McNeil (storyboard artist for the series).

-Throughout the episode, Guile often talks really fast for some reason.

-The tank Sawada slices apart has this interesting debris come out of it. That's nothing compared to the cigarettes though!

-Despite what was seen in "Desert Thunder", Hawk no longer has the ability to fly in this episode.

-Whilst she escapes, Satin Hammer isn't seen again in the series. This episode also marks the last appearances of T. Hawk and Sawada.


-The wall Sawada crashes through has no door on it, but when seen from the inside when Guile walks in, there is a door.
-When Guile charges up his second sonic boom, the energy on his right hand initially doesn't cover his entire fist.
-When Guile says "last time you got involved with the Satin Hammer", his dog tag is missing.
-Blanka's teeth are consistently colored white instead of yellow during the scene where the team head to the Himalayas in the plane.
-When Guile says "you knew about that test", the outline on his arm is ultra thick.
-A laser gunshot sound effect is played when Sawada puts the first handcuff on Dhalsim.
-When Blanka says "electrifying personality", his teeth are colored white instead of yellow. His butt also overlaps T. Hawk's seat as he turns around.
-When Hawk grabs Hammer's foot, the heel on her boot breaks off. It immediately comes back one shot later.
-When the team takes off in their jet, Dhalsim's temple looks normal, and does not feature the damage it had earlier.

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