Cammy and the Bachelor

Street Fighter episode 15
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Bison captures Burke and his team, and demands 2 billion pounds for their release.
Original USA broadcast date: September 28th, 1996


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Sodom and Birdie start a crime wave across London, under Bison's orders. They do this to lure out Burke and his team, as Bison wants to get his revenge on them for their part in ruining his plans last time he saw them. Burke's team are eventually called into action, and prevent Sodom and Birdie from stealing the Crown Jewels. However Bison appears and quickly captures the team.

Guile and Cammy are summoned to London, where Escher explains that Cammy's old team have been captured, and Bison is demanded 2 billion pounds for their return -and the two of them have to deliver it. They do so, but when Bison tries to take Guile and Cammy prisoner, a fight breaks out. Burke and his team are freed, and the odds are against Bison. However he says he has a secret weapon, and does something to Cammy that makes her fall to her knees screaming.

She recovers, but attacks Guile. Bison reveals that she has always worked for him, as he and the others leave with the money. Burke tries to access Cammy's file but finds he has been frozen out of it, so Honda has to hack in. However when he opens the file, it disappears, as they realize someone is trying to hide something from them. Later, Celia finds out from Birdie where Bison will be, so Guile, along with Chun-Li, Honda and Burke's team head to the location. Bison, Cammy and Sodom try to escape, but their aircraft ends up crashing thanks to Rory and Honda's efforts.

Bison and Cammy attempt to escape via a speedboat, but Guile cuts them off. Bison was injured in the crash and is unable to fight, but Cammy steps in. Guile can't bring himself to fight her, but she has no problems beating him up. She tells him she'll make him pay for hurting the man she loves, and that she swears all the Street Fighters will pay. She and Bison escape in the speedboat, as Burke and the others arrive. Guile explains what happened, and says that the Street Fighters will not rest until they get Cammy back.


-This episode's animation is really poor, it's the worst looking episode of the series. Characters are constantly off-model and there are several blatantly obvious mistakes. It's especially jarring when compared to the previous episode, which is one of the best looking episodes.

-It does, at least, mark the start of a change in storytelling for the series -the first season's episodes were basically all standalone adventures, but this marks the start of a story that will be continued in "Cammy must Die!" and concluded in "Cammy Tell Me True". The next episode will also do the same thing for a different character: Blanka.

-At one point Rory says that "the Royal Family already got enough trouble", which is possibly referencing the divorce of Princess Diana and Prince Charles.

-The aircraft Bison uses looks very similar to the one seen in the intro. Burke refers to it as a "T-2 20 Skyhopper".

-Sodom's design has been updated to be more game accurate -compare him here to what he looked like in "The Medium is the Message". However his old mask design sometimes is used in this episode (see the errors section below).

-It's not shown how Celia got Birdie to talk -it cuts straight to Guile saying "according to Birdie". Perhaps there was a deleted scene where Celia and Rory fought Birdie.

-Sodom grunts a lot in this episode, but it marks the only time he actually speaks, as he has an entire one line of dialogue: "What about Birdie, he's not back yet."

-Sodom is not seen again after boarding the Skyhopper, which would seem to hint he died in the crash. This is not the case though, as he later appears in "Final Fight".


-When Sodom back flips after striking the truck, his face can be seen. This is the first of several times this happens throughout the episode, where Sodom is using his mask design from "The Medium is the Message".
-Birdie is drawn far too small when he fights the first guard.
-Sodom's face is visible again when he runs away from an explosion.
-When Sodom fights off a group of police, watch the left side of the screen -the cells appear to have been misaligned for this shot, resulting in police men missing body parts as they get flung away. Sodom's face can also be seen during this shot.
-There are a couple of times in the episode where the front of Scotland Yard has a purple spinning cube in front of it, just like in "Chunnel Vision". My guess is it's supposed to be the spinning sign.
-Birdie's mouth stops moving as he's saying "blinking Queen".
-Sodom's face is visible again when Rory retrieves the crown.
-When Celia says "crime spree's over boys", Rory's cyber eye is colored the same as his skin instead of blue.
-When Rory says "hold that pose", Celia's gloves are colored the same as her skin instead of white.
-Several times throughout the episode, Bison's hat is drawn far too largely. I'll only list it here but just watch out for this through the episode, it makes Bison look very silly.
-Cammy says she has a dinner date with her old chums from "M Fifteen". It's supposed to be "MI Five".
-When Bison says "first things first", Sodom's face can be seen.
-His face can just about be seen again during this shot of Birdie running towards Burke.
-Burke's eye scar is missing when he grapples with Birdie.
-When Rory tells Burke that he's busy, watch his mouth -it vanishes a few times as he speaks.
-Sodom's face can be seen again when Cammy fights him.
-Celia's white gloves are colored the same as her skin during this shot.
-During this shot, Guile's left hand overlaps Rory's head.
-As Bison tells Sodom to load the ransom quickly, Cammy's glove is colored the same as her skin instead of red.
-Guile says "actually Bison, the loss is yours", and Bison replies off-camera with "Guile", but Guile's mouth moves as if he's saying it.
-When the group surround the bad guys, you can just about see that Sodom's face is visible again.
-It's visible again when he boards the Skyhopper.
-When the Skyhopper takes off, the roof of it is missing!
-Bison's mouth doesn't move as he says "momentary advantage".
-Guile says "Shadaroo" instead of "Shadaloo".

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