New Kind of Evil

Street Fighter episode 16
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When ex-Shadaloo scientist Quinn unleashes three mutated monsters on the city, it's up to Chun-Li, Guile and Blanka to stop them.
Original USA broadcast date: October 5th, 1996


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Chun-Li is presenting a news report on some explosive robberies in New York, when the bank they are in front of explodes. Her news team are captured and she is attacked by a bat monster, so she calls Guile and Blanka. The Street Fighters enter a sewer, where they find traces of mutagen, the substance that changed Blanka to what he is now. They are attacked by three monsters in the sewer, and have to fight back.

They overpower the monsters, but one of them, Screech, makes a loud noise that temporarily incapacitates the team. The monsters escape and return to their master, Quinn, who used to work for Shadaloo. They demand more mutagen to become even stronger, and Quinn reluctantly gives them some. This powers them up just as the Street Fighters arrive. They try to fight them again, but the monsters are far stronger than before.

One of them activates a trap, which sends down four canisters of mutagen. Blanka stops it from hitting Chun-Li and Guile, but he then gets hit, causing him to drop the trap. One of the mutagen canisters shatters right next to him, covering him with the substance. This causes him to undergo another transformation, becoming even stronger and wilder than before. He takes down Quinn's monsters by himself, and they flee.

Blanka goes back to Quinn and threatens to give him a taste of his own medicine, but Guile and Chun-Li manage to calm him down. Chun-Li's news crew is freed, whilst Quinn is placed behind bars. As Blanka walks off alone, Chun-Li tells Guile that she hopes Blanka can control himself. Guile says he hopes so too.


-Only one of Quinn's monsters is named in the episode -the bat monster is called Screech. The others would have been named, but unless someone releases the script, we currently don't know what their names are.

-Blanka's opponent isn't named, but he's clearly meant to be Mike Haggar, a character from Final Fight. His outfit in this episode seems to be based on his Saturday Night Slam Masters incarnation.

-Blanka's appearance is permanently changed in this episode. The consequences of this will be followed up in "Face of Fury" and "The Flame and the Rose", and concluded in "The Beast Within".

-Quinn's creations are all seen fleeing, but they don't appear in the series again.


-The cop car that drives past Chun-Li and her crew is colored a bit oddly for a cop car.
-When the red monster says "There, they see us", the lizard monster has been drawn with his powered-up design, something he doesn't get until later in the episode -note his lack of legs.
-Chun-Li's crew is seen running past the same store three times.
-During Blanka's flashback, Bison's arms are colored the same as his skin instead of red.
-When Chun-Li gets dragged under the water for the first time, she kicks the red monster off of her, but Guile's black boot is drawn doing the actual kick instead of her white one.
-When Guile says "which one", Blanka has full length pants. When the shot is re-used later (when Chun-Li says "we've got to follow them", the same error is still there.
-When Blanka says "I won't let that happen", the mutagen canisters keep flickering on and off.
-After the red monster says "destroy the humans", there is a shot of Blanka putting his finger on his chin. His fingernails are colored green instead of gray during this shot.
-The same shot of Blanka walking out of the lab is used twice near the end of the episode.

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