Saturday Night Slam Masters (known as Muscle Bomber in Japan) is a wrestling game which first appeared in arcades in 1993. The game features a cast of almost entirely new characters, but one of the wrestlers is none other than Final Fight's Mike Haggar. A four player option was also present, which proved to be a quite popular feature. Haggar has a variety of throwing techniques, including his spinning piledriver. He also has his spinning clothesline move from Final Fight. Like any of the other fighters, he can get out of the ring and use weapons dotted around on the arena floor.

In the Japanese version, the game is set before Final Fight. However, the non-Japanese versions changed the story so it's now set after Final Fight -Haggar's bio states that he's the "former" Mayor of Metro city.

The game was ported to the FM Towns, SEGA Geneis and Super Nintendo. The Genesis version only has a 2 player option, but has the exclusive death match mode. This mode has some new win and lose quotes, and Haggar's drop a Final Fight reference, and also mention Jessica. The Super Nintendo version has the four player mode. The game was not seen again for a long time, but in 2022, it's one of the games available for Capcom Arcade 2nd Stadium.

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