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The Mad Gear gang plan to keep Mayor Haggar in check by kidnapping his daughter, and it's up to Ken and Ryu to stop them -much to Cody's annoyance.
Original USA broadcast date: April 27th, 1997


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Unhappy with how his illegal operations are being stopped by Mayor Haggar, Mad Gear gang leader Belger has Rolento kidnap the Mayor's daughter, Jessica. At a street fight, Guy defeats his opponent and is meant to fight Ken next, but receives a call from Cody regarding what's happened. Ryu says he and Ken will also help. Belger contacts Haggar and says they have his daughter for his cooperation.

Ken and Ryu go to Escher and ask him if he has any leads, but Haggar says it's the Mad Gear gang. He explains that the gang have run Metro City for years, but when he was elected, he vowed to clean up the town. As they aren't known in Metro City, Escher has Ken and Ryu go undercover, so they can infiltrate the gang. The two find a couple of Mad Gear members trying to hold up a subway train, and defeat them. They are taken to meet Rolento, who gives them a final test: defeat Sodom. They take on Sodom and eventually manage to defeat him.

Haggar sees a signal and says that Ken and Ryu have gotten into the gang, but a restless Cody goes after them, not happy about leaving Jessica's fate in Ken's hands. Haggar sends Guy after Cody. Meanwhile, the Mad Gears steal a diamond shipment, and no cops try to stop them. Rolento explains that their boss took care of everything, and they are able to drive off without problems. They head to Belger's building, and Ken and Ryu get to meet him.

Cody's hot-headiness gets him and Guy into trouble when he attacks Rolento with no plan. After overwhelming the two with his speed, Rolento starts throwing grenades at them, but this backfires when Guy throws them back. This causes part of the building to crumble, and the debris lands on Rolento. They then head inside and crash through the ceiling, landing right next to Belger.

Realizing that their cover has been blown, Ryu and Ken take on the remaining Mad Gear members, whilst Cody and Guy try to fight Belger. However, Belger's fast moving chair, which has several weapons on it, proves difficult for them to do anything about. He manages to blast them and takes Jessica hostage, but Cody jump kicks him, sending him rolling back. Haggar then arrives, and reunites with his daughter.

Belger fires a missile at them, but Guy kicks it out of the way. Belger ends up falling out of a broken window, and whilst his chair doesn't survive, he does thanks to a pole. Jessica calls out for her hero, and Ken says it was nothing. But she goes to Cody, and Ken can't believe that she's gone to Cody over him. Ryu says maybe it's the qualities he doesn't see -discipline, justice, commitment... do they sound familiar? He tells his friend to think about it, as maybe that's what gets the girl in the end. Cody thanks Ken, and tells him he really is the best. Ken says no problem... as long as somebody gets the girl.


-This episode first aired just over two weeks after the previous one.

-This episode is a adaption of Final Fight, Capcom's 1989 arcade hit. The basic story is the same, but the cartoon adds Ken and Ryu into the mix, whilst Haggar doesn't get to do any fighting.

-Rolento's outfit is colored green in the episode, whilst in the first Final Fight, it's colored yellow. However in Final Fight 2, he wears green.

-The name "Belger" is never said in the episode, and is referred to as the "big boss". In the game he also dies at the end, but in the cartoon, he survives.

-The name "Damnd" is never said either. In the game he's the first boss, and famously had different names in certain home ports. Maybe the writers weren't sure whether to use "Damnd" or "Thrasher" and got around it just by not naming him in the episode.

-When Damnd throws a smoke bomb into the restaurant, there is a shot of some guy getting caught on a hook and dragged back into the smoke. You never see who it is who takes him, what they do with him, nothing.

-The helicopter Rolento takes Jessica away in is the same one seen in "So, You Want to be in Pictures" and "Second to None".

-Guy's opponent seems to be a mutant, since he has green skin. Nobody seems to be bothered about it though.

-Belger's line of "your daughter for your cooperation" is taken from the game's intro (although in the game, it's Damnd who says it).

-In the Final Fight series, the Andores have brown hair, but the one in this episode has blonde hair.

-Sodom's appearance here means he didn't die in "Cammy and the Bachelor". Unlike in that episode, and in "The Medium is the Message", he consistently wears a game-accurate helmet.

-Last appearance of Ken, Ryu and Escher.

-This is the fourth and final episode of the second season to not have Guile in it -"The World's Greatest Warrior", "So, You Want to be in Pictures" and "The Flame and the Rose" are the other three.

-This episode is an unlockable bonus feature in Final Fight Double Impact, a downloadable game for the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360. The video quality isn't that good though.


-The smoke bomb Damnd throws changes color between shots.
-The wine glass on Jessica's table disappears between shots. The guy behind her also has his hair change colors.
-Jessica's bag is missing when Rolento first talks to her, but comes back when one of the El Gados grabs her.
-When the helicopter takes off, Rolento has black colored eyes during this shot.
-During this shot, the guy on the left does not walk in, he just pops in magically out of nowhere.
-Cody's wrist bands are missing during this shot.

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