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Street Fighter episode 8
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Bison lures the Street Fighters to a tournament, where his new creations are ready to fight them.
Original USA broadcast date: December 16th, 1995


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Guile is entered into a tournament in Chhatarpur. Escher believes that some of the new fighters there have come out of Shadaloo. Guile heads there and meets with his team, which consists of Blanka, Chun-Li, Cammy, Ken and Ryu. However the tournament has been setup by Bison to lure the Street Fighters there, so he can unleash his new creations on them. The three mutants have been created by a Dr. Kurst, who Bison captured and forced him to work, using Dhalsim's old research. The Street Fighters start participating in the tournament matches.

As extra insurance, Bison has Balrog create a tape of altered footage, showing some of the Street Fighters defiling a temple. However Bison doesn't use the tape yet, as his three mutants start fighting Guile, Blanka and Chun-Li. It seems the mutants can't be beaten until Guile and Chun-Li throw their projectiles at a light above, causing it to crash down and defeat the new enemies.

The tape is then played, and everyone in Chhatarpur is enraged when they see Guile, Blanka and Chun-Li destroy a statue. The Street Fighters split up, with most of the group distracting the crowds, whilst Guile and Blanka are able to find Kurst. Kurst explains that Bison and Balrog are gone, and Bison intends to destroy the lab by detonating the explosive ankle bracelet he is wearing. Blanka gets the bracelet off and Guile runs out with it. Kurst sets up a broadcast and tells the people of Chhatarpur that the Street Fighters are here to help them, and shows them footage of Guile running with the explosive. Guile throws it and destroys it, causing a large explosion in the air. Later on, the team watch the next big thing: caged competition.


-The waitress in the diner appears to be using the same character model as Violet, the waitress seen at the start of the previous episode.

-When we first see the Chhatarpur tournament, Rolento, Carlos and Maki from Final Fight 2 all make cameo appearances in a crowd shot. In front of Carlos is a guy who looks like Belger, the final boss or the original Final Fight, although you can only see part of his head.

-Characters from Street Fighter Alpha: Warrior's Dreams make cameo appearances. Adon, Birdie, Guy, Rose and Sodom all appear. Almost all of these characters will appear in episodes in the next season with speaking roles, apart from Adon.

-During a shot of all the Alpha characters on a screen, there is one guy in the top right who doesn't appear to be any game character. Some speculate it's supposed to be Dan, but to me he looks nothing like him.

-Sodom has a different design in this episode than he does in the games. In the games, his helmet completely covers his head, but in this episode you can see his face.

-During Chun-Li's fight against Cammy, Two P, Jessica, Damnd and Haggar from Final Fight cameo in a crowd shot. Damnd's face can't fully be seen, but he does appear to be whistling, like he does in the game. His shirt also has a T on it -possibly referencing his censored name of Thrasher.

-When Chun-Li beats Cammy, she says "I am the strongest woman in the world", which is her Street Fighter II win quote.

-Balrog makes his one and only appearance in the entire series in this episode. In the live action movie he was a good guy who worked with Chun-Li, but here he's definitely with the bad guys.

-The container holding the three mutants onside it has the Capcom logo on it.

-This episode contains what is the most famous scene in the series: Bison saying "Yes!" twice in a row, using the exact same take, all whilst Toccata and Fugue in D Minor is playing, after saying how things are delicious and telling Balrog not to be hasty with getting rid of his tapes.

-When the debris falls over the mutants, there's another crowd shot. We see Two P, Jessica, Damnd and Haggar again, but then the shot pans over to the right, revealing even more Final Fight characters: Cody, Belger, Axl, a second Damnd (who's more game accurate), Bill Bull and Edi. E. Behind Cody are two characters who are probably supposed to be Abigail and Andore, although Abigail's clothes are pink instead of white and the Andore has blonde hair, unlike in the games. However when Andore appears in the season two episode "Final Fight", he has blonde hair in that as well.

-Previously when Chun-Li used her fireball, she shouted "fireball". But in this episode, she says nothing.

-When Blanka starts reading Dhalsim's notes, he says they're his "one chance of recovery", but they never get mentioned in the series again.


-When Escher is watching footage of the tournament, the exact same clip of Birdie moving forward gets played twice.
-Adon is wearing blue pants when he fights Birdie, but when he's on one of the screens showing him and the other fighters, his pants are colored orange.
-During Blanka's flashback, Bison is seen blasting him, but his pants are mainly intact when he is knocked into the chamber. However when the shot cuts, his pants are completely gone, and he's only in his underwear.
-When Dhalsim runs off, and Bison brings him back, the background tilts slightly between these things happening.
-When Guile says "way to go Chun-Li!", Sodom's helmet is colored orange instead of blue.
-Sodom is wearing white socks (which is game-accurate) for most his fight with Chun-Li, but they're missing when he gets launched out of the ring.
-When Birdie hits the ground after being hit with Guile's flash kick, his necklace is missing.
-The fist that smashes a TV in Bison's lab is colored like a human fist, but it was supposed to be a mutant's fist.
-When Cammy says "just wait until I win next time", her face scar is missing.
-As Ken and Chun-Li jump up away from the crowd, they are missing their eyes and mouths.
-During Kurst's speech, the same animation of Bison pressing a button is played twice. It's not clear if Bison was trying to detonate the explosive, or merely watching Kurst's speech.

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