Eye of the Beholder

Street Fighter episode 9
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Blanka is given the chance to become human again, but Vega is on the move.
Original USA broadcast date: December 30th, 1995


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Blanka saves the life of someone, but gets called a monster by the person he saved. Meanwhile, Bison gets Vega to organize an attack on a trade conference in Hawaii, and offers him the promise of eternal youth if he does it. Guile finds out from Escher that there may be a way to revert Blanka back to his human form, but he can't guarantee it will work and it could also mean Blanka will no longer be a Street Fighter. Blanka is sent to meet Dr. Kapuna, whilst Guile, Dee Jay and Cammy head to Honolulu to deal with the terrorists.

Blanka meets Kapuna and Ma-Lei, who give him a serum that changes his back into a human. He needs to have another treatment later to complete the transformation. However he is greatly weakened compared what he could do before, which becomes a big problem when Vega and his men attack the island. Blanka creates a signal using fire and tells Ma-Lei to keep at it, whilst he tries to fight Vega's forces. However he is easily defeated. Back in Honolulu, Guile learns of an issue on the island, but he and his team have to deal with the terrorists first. They storm the building and defeat them all, as Guile says he'll head to the island.

Vega threatens to kill Kapuna, but Blanka tells him he will give him the formula that he had used to revert him back to a human. He finds Ma-Lei and he tells her to keep the formula, as they may need it later. Guile arrives and the two attempt to save Kapuna, but Blanka changes back to what he was before. He finds Vega, who has captured Ma-Lei and taken the formula. Vega acts arrogantly, telling Blanka it amuses him he thinks he can take him on. However, with his powers and strength back, Blanka is more than a match for Vega, and breaks his mask.

Vega attempts to flee with Ma-Lei in a helicopter, but Blanka manages to get in it and make it crash. He saves Ma-Lei, and whilst Vega survives, the formula for the second treatment is destroyed. Vega is apprehended by the Street Fighters. Later on Ma-Lei tells Blanka that whilst Vega had a handsome face, he had a twisted soul. But she says that Blanka's is strong and unselfish. His face is filled with compassion and life, and to her, that is the greatest beauty there can ever be.


-This episode was originally first broadcast two weeks after the previous episode, usually new episodes aired once a week.

-Blanka starts wearing a dog tag in this episode only, he's first seen with it when his first treatment is about to begin.

-The clothes Blanka puts on after he becomes a human are similar to what Charlie wears in the Street Fighter Alpha games.

-When Blanka changes back, his dog tag breaks off, and has the name "Charlie" on it. In the games, Charlie and Blanka are separate characters.


-When Vega says "every passing day", Therese's dress is colored purple instead of blue.
-The top of Vega's claw isn't drawn when he says "eats away at my perfection".
-When Bison first appears, his cape chains are colored red and blue instead of yellow.
-Cammy's hat is colored green instead of red when she's first seen.
-The Street Fighter's plane passes under the palm trees instead of over them for this shot.
-Blanka's eyes are colored white instead of red when he says "the beach".
-During this shot, the terrorist's laser blasts never quite reach the bottom of the shot, stopping just short.
-When Blanka transforms, his ankle bracelets are shown vanishing, but when he gets back up he's wearing them again.
-Vega's force seemingly consists of three helicopters, but three planes are shown bombing the island. The planes don't appear again.
-When Ma-Lei says "Dr. Kapuna sent me to get you", Blanka's mouth is also seen moving, but he doesn't say anything.
-When Blanka tries his electricity, his mouth is seen moving, but again, he doesn't say anything.
-The first hostage to be thrown from the roof has short brown hair and a purple dress, but when Guile kicks the terrorist, she has long black hair and a pale pinkish dress.
-Guile seems to kick the terrorist and the hostage, given the way she also gets sent flying back. What a good guy!
-In what is probably the most famous error of the series, Dee Jay shrinks when he runs out of the elevator and runs towards the music player.
-When Guile tells the others to come as soon as the mess is cleaned up, Cammy's face scar is missing.
-When Vega says "and now Doctor", he's suddenly wearing different earrings than the studs he's been wearing before.
-For some reason, Guile disappears after he and Blanka break down the door. He comes back later, after Vega runs away.
-Ma-Lei's shoulders are colored white during Blanka's POV shot.
-Blanka has white eyes instead of red after Ma-Lei says "Blanka... I'm sorry".
-When Blanka says "with pleasure", his teeth are colored white instead of yellow.
-Vega's fingers are colored the same as his glove during this shot.
-Same thing happens again during this shot, plus Blanka's eyes are colored white instead of red.
-Vega's tattoo is not seen around his arm during the helicopter fight, and his glove changes color from black to skin-colored at one point.
-During the helicopter fight, Blanka pushes Vega towards the controls, and they both pass straight through the pilot.
-When Ma-Lei says "but yours Blanka", the black parts of Blanka's eyes are colored red. This error gets fixed when Blanka moves.

On either side of Dee Jay's pant legs, the word "MAXIMUM" is written. This was clearly going to be a pain for the animators to do, and they tried their best, but there are a few instances of them getting it wrong:
-When the guy tells the Street Fighters the terrorists are going to throw hostages out the window, they appear to state "MAIMI".
-"MAXIUM" when he runs out of the elevator.

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