Dark Heart

Street Fighter episode 7
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Bison changes the orbit of the Millennial Comet, and the Street Fighters must team up with Dhalsim to stop it.
Original USA broadcast date: December 9th, 1995


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Escher informs Guile about the Millennial Comet, something which has an orbit so large it only passes by the Earth every thousand years. However NASA scientists have found out that the comet's orbit has somehow been altered, and is heading towards Earth. They've tracked the energy source to the Himalayas, and Guile's mission is to go there and destroy the source. Guile chooses Blanka to be on his team, and also has to go with Ken and Ryu, who happen to be in the area. Ken is in a rigged match that he decides to win, despite being paid not to. This angers Yo Fat, the guy Ken had made the arrangement with, but Guile saves him and Ryu, and the three head off to meet with Blanka.

The Street Fighters head into the Himalayas, but Zangief sees them and detonates some charges, which causes an avalanche. Guile and Blanka survive, but Ken and Ryu can't be found. Guile blames himself, but Blanka tells him not to do that, as they later find a temple. Dhalsim then appears, who Blanka attacks, still angry at what he did to him. They eventually stop fighting and Guile tells Blanka they have to trust Dhalsim. Meanwhile, Ken and Ryu have survived, but have been captured and taken back to Bison's base. Bison explains that his plan is to use a machine called the cyclotron, which boosts his magnetic chi powers, to divert the comet and have it hit the defense headquarters in Norad. The crater will drop the western United States into the Pacific, which he owns most of the waterfront of.

Zangief is sent out to find Guile and Blanka, and he finds the temple, but he and his men get beaten back. They retreat, so Guile, Blanka and Dhalsim follow them. Back at the base, Bison uses the cyclotron to make the final adjustment to the comet's orbit. Ken and Ryu, who had been left to be incinerated by the cyclotron's energy, manage to escape just in time. They help the others fight off Bison's men and enter the base. Dhalsim fights with Bison, but Bison blasts him back and then escapes.

Guile convinces Dhalsim to use technology again and operate the cyclotron, whilst he uses it to knock the comet off course. They're able to do this, and the Earth is saved. Dhalsim tells the group that perhaps they will meet again, but tells them to go, as he will make sure the cyclotron can be never used again. The group head off, but later hear an explosion and see that Dhalsim has destroyed Bison's base. Guile says that's the end of Bison's cyclotron, and thinks they were lucky to have Dhalsim on their side. Blanka tells him maybe it wasn't luck, and maybe Dhalsim was right -the comet is a sign. The past can't be changed, but there's always hope for the future.


-This episode is the first to feature Chun-Li as a news reporter, something she was in the live action movie. Given that she's also a Street Fighter, and also doing her own thing occasionally (as seen in "Getting to Guile" with El Fideo), she must be pretty busy.

-Bison uses his psycho crusher attack for the first time in this episode, although he doesn't call it out by name. He doesn't spin whilst doing it like he does in the games.


-The exterior shot of the diner shows it has two doors either side of the windows, but when Guile enters it, he enters through a single door which shouldn't be there, and the windows are missing.
-When Guile steps off the bus, part of the lightning overlaps his head.
-The map of the Himalayas states "Kothmathdu" instead of Kathmandu. There's also "Motsobun", but I'm not sure what that's supposed to be.
-During the establishing shot of the ring Ken and his opponent are in, Ryu is missing.
-Both of the yaks are shown to survive the avalanche, but only the brown one is shown with Guile and Blanka later. What happened to the other one?
-The first time Dhalsim's temple is shown, you can see a waterfall next to it. The water isn't animated on it.
-When Dhalsim says "I took away the man you were", his wrist and ankle wraps are missing.
-Ryu and Ken initially only have restraints over their wrists when the first shown in the tunnel, but a few seconds later they suddenly have restraints over their ankles as well. The ankle restraints disappear again seconds later.
-When Dhalsim does a yoga fire for the second time, it uses the same animation as the first time, but the background has been altered slightly -however the background is wrong, as Dhalsim is meant to be inside the temple, not out in the snow.
-It isn't explained why Ken and Ryu's restraints suddenly disappear, they just do.
-Guile throws out a yellow sonic boom at the gate, but when it actually hits the gate, it's colored blue.
-When the sonic boom is about to hit the gate, Zangief has four guys with him, but when the sonic boom actually hits it, two of the guys vanish.
-Dhalsim's third yoga fire uses the same animation and background as the second one, but he's supposed to be in Bison's base, not out in the snow.
-When the comet is shown being sent away from Earth, the Moon is absolutely huge.
-When Ryu says "wow", his gloves are missing.

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