Desert Thunder

Street Fighter episode 6
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The Navy's new laser weapon is stolen, but this time it's not Bison the Street Fighters have to stop.
Original USA broadcast date: December 2nd, 1995


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The Navy are testing a new laser cannon, but the weapon is stolen by T. Hawk. Escher summons Guile and Blanka, and tells them that it was the work of Satin Hammer, someone who was originally on their side, but has now gone bad. And it seems that T. Hawk, who was on an undercover mission, has also switched sides. The laser needs a certain type of fuel that can only be found in one place, so Guile and Blanka ambush Hawk when he and some of Hammer's troops attempt to steal it. Hawk manages to get back to Hammer's plane.

Blanka boards the plane, but Hawk tackles him and the two end up falling out. Hawk manages to save Blanka from the fall, but Blanka and Guile want to know what's going on. Hawk says he was undercover, and the two of them nearly blew it for him, but Guile says he's crossed the line. Hawk explains that he became Satin Hammer's second in command, and is in charge of her operation. He felt he had nothing until she gave him the chance to lead, but Guile reminds him of the code he had: discipline, justice, commitment. Hawk realizes the errors of his ways, and leads them to Hammer's secret base. They are spotted and a fight breaks out, but Hammer destroys the base and escapes to her Las Vegas casino.

The Street Fighters survive and see the laser fire a test shot, are are quickly able to locate where it came from. Satin Hammer aims to destroy the Pentagon, in an act of revenge. Guile's team head towards the roof, and T. Hawk is able to stop Satin Hammer from destroying the Pentagon at the last second by flying directly into the computer console, which causes it to explode. Enraged that her plans have been ruined, she operates the laser via a remote control, and aims it at the Street Fighters instead.

However Guile snaps the fuel lines to the laser cannon, and aims their contents at the destroyed computer console. This causes an explosion that knocks Satin Hammer off of the roof, as T. Hawk tries to save her. However she tells him no man can hold her, and starts firing at him. He has to back off and watches as she crashes into a building, but as the smoke clears, she's nowhere to be found. Guile and Blanka grab Hammer's remaining guard and jump off the roof, where they all safely land in a fountain below. Guile says if Satin Hammer comes back, he knows one Street Fighter who'll be ready for her. Hawk says not one... a whole team.


-This episode was originally first broadcast two weeks after the previous episode, usually new episodes aired once a week.

-Satin Hammer was never in the games, and was created just for this cartoon. She'll return in the second season episode, "The Hammer Strikes".

-Blanka wears the same disguise he wore in "Getting to Guile" and "Demon Island".

-T. Hawk can seemingly fly at times in the episode -he clearly able to fly around when Hammer starts firing the cannon at him, but then earlier on, when he and Blanka fall out of the plane, he seems to only be able to glide.

-The controls of the laser Satin Hammer is seen using is a joystick with six buttons -a clear reference to the arcade versions of the Street Fighter games, which use the same layout.


-When Hawk is pulled up with the laser, the red bands around his arms are missing.
-What would have happened if that piece of paper missed hitting Guile's leg? Would Escher have had to run after it and try throwing it at Guile again?
-Check out the map of Washington Escher gives to Guile -"LIOCAD CMEMORIAL" instead of "LINCOLN MEMORIAL" and "WASHINGTON MONUBERS" instead of "WASHINGTON MONUMENT". There's also "THE HINUOUDE", I'm not sure what that's meant to be.
-The guard Guile takes the jet pack from is using the wrong character model -it should be one of the guards in blue armor, but the model used is the guy in the red armor who appears towards the end of the episode.
-When Hawk says "strop struggling, I'm trying to-", his mouth doesn't move, but Blanka's does.
-When Hammer walks towards Hawk after shooting him in the back, her visor is up, it was down previously. It's down again when she says "having a man betray me".
-Her lipstick is missing during a shot of her firing at Hawk.
-Hammer says her test target is a "spent rocket booster", but the image on screen clearly shows a satellite.
-When Hawk walks up to Guile and Blanka during Blanka's "tunnel of quartz" line, his wrist bands are missing.
-Escher seemingly gets hit in the head by the laser, but isn't harmed at all.
-The laser also hits the ground right next to Escher, but no explosions occurs.
-When Hammer says "and all because of YOU!", she seemingly points at her assistant in the red armor instead of T. Hawk.

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