Demon Island

Street Fighter episode 5
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Guile and his team must take back a stealth plane which Bison has stolen.
Original USA broadcast date: November 18th, 1995


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At a fighting tournament, Dee Jay is desperate to win to clear his name, but Guile is also competing. Later on Guile is summoned by Escher, who tells him that Bison has stolen the SX9, a top secret stealth plane which is not only invisible to radar, but can physically turn invisible as well. Bison is demanding 10 billions dollars within 24 hours, and Guile has to stop him. With not enough time to get a full team together, Guile selects Blanka, Cammy and Dee Jay. Escher does not want Dee Jay on the team, as he lost his title for fixing fights. However Guile says it was Zangief was brought the charges of fight fixing up, and refuses to go on the mission without Dee Jay. Escher relents, and the Street Fighters head towards the SX9's last known coordinates via a plane. However their plane is hit by energy waves, which cause the engines to cut out.

The team swim to a place known as Demon Island, and are captured by Zangief. However they escape and split up, with Guile and Cammy heading off to Bison's base, whilst Dee Jay and Blanka distract Zangief. Whilst Guile and Cammy are able to eventually enter Bison's base and find the stolen plane, Dee Jay and Blanka are captured. Zangief brings them back to the base, but as a fight breaks out, Dee Jay escapes and causes Zangief to crash. Guile gets knocked down and injures his arm, whilst Blanka also manages to escape. Cammy saves the SX9's original flight crew as they and Blanka board the plane.

Dee Jay sees off both Zangief and Bison, and gets into the plane with Guile. Some stray fire from Bison's guards cause a generator to explode, and the base starts to blow up. The Street Fighters escape in the plane, whilst Bison escapes via a submarine (Zangief is left behind and has to swim out). Later on, with Guile unable to compete in the finals of the tournament due to his injured arm, Dee Jay wins his final match and happily declares that the champ is back.


-Presumably this episode is set before "Getting to Guile", as neither Escher or Blanka had any problems with Dee Jay in that episode.

-This episode is the first to have Cammy express her romantic interest in Guile, something which will happen a few more times in this series.

-Zangief is seen wearing a cape, something he had in Street Fighter II Movie.

-Bison creates an energy ball in his fist and throws it at Guile -this is seemingly a take on his psycho shot attack, which was a new move he was given in Street Fighter Alpha , and is the first Alpha move to be shown in the series.

-The disguise Blanka is wearing at the end of the episode is very similar to the one he wore in "Getting to Guile", but is less detailed.


-The SX9 can't be detected by radar and is able to make itself invisible physically, yet somehow Bison's forces knew exactly when and where it was to be able to shoot the energy waves to take it down.
-Guile's opponent goes from being full clothed to only being in his underwear during this shot only. In the next shot he has his clothes back.
-The string for this guy's eye patch is missing during this shot.
-Why is Escher's way of summoning Guile so completely nuts?
-The plane the team use has an inconsistent design. When first seen, it has engine on top of the wings, and note the plain tail fin design. Later on the tail fin looks different, the engine placement is different, and the stripes are in different places.
-When Dee Jay is loading things into the plane, the "MAXIMUM" shaved on the back of his head reads "MAXIMOM", then when he turns, changes to "MAIMUM".
-When Cammy walks up to Guile, Guile's boots are missing their laces.
-The plane is missing its stripes and some windows when Guile says "these are the plane's last known coordinates".
-When Cammy says "Why Colonel, didn't know you cared" the red buttons on the control stick are missing.
-Guile is missing his dogtag when he is seen swimming up.
-Bison only orders for two hovercraft units to be sent out, but three are shown taking off.
-When Dee Jay says "We're with you mon", the red triangle on Cammy's uniform is missing.
-When Guile tells Dee Jay about this not being a private war, Cammy's boots are colored red with gray rims, when it should be the other way around.
-The guards who search for Blanka and Dee Jay appear to be armed with cylinders rather than guns.
-The hovercraft Guile and Cammy watch doesn't have it's search light on during this shot, but did have it on previously and one shot later.
-When Guile and Cammy land after dropping from the door, Cammy's face scar is missing.
-It's missing again when she and Guile look at the two guards they've taken down.
-There are some regular people seen carrying barrels a few times. Guile tells Cammy to "spring the prisoners", but she never does, instead she saves the original SX9 crew. The regular people just vanish from the episode.
-I said I wouldn't cover Bison's constantly inconsistent eye design here, but when he turns to react to Guile's sudden appearance, he has regular human eyes.
-The original SX9 crew somehow know exactly where to find a panel on the plane, despite the plane being invisible at the time.
-Zangief dents the piece of metal Dee Jay has, but when Dee Jay rams him with it, the dents are gone.
-Bison's pilot initially looks like this, but when Blanka throws him out, he looks like this.
-When Cammy is first seen at the XS9's controls, the shot is actually taken from "The Strongest Woman in the World", but flipped. However later on, the controls look totally different.
-When Guile says "look out!", the "MAXIMUM" on the back of Dee Jay's head initially looks right, but then as his head turns it only reads "MAXI", then as his head moves a bit more it ends with seemingly "AAM".
-When Cammy says "how about a consolation prize", her face scar is missing.

On either side of Dee Jay's pant legs, the word "MAXIMUM" is written. This was clearly going to be a pain for the animators to do, and they tried their best, but there are a few instances of them getting it wrong:
-When Guile says "Zangief is working for Bison", they read "MAXMUM"
-When the Street Fighters swim up, you can't fully see it but the letters clearly aren't right, it looks like they would read "MAXUM"
-"MAXIUM" when he collapses on the beach.
-No letters at all during this shot.
-"MOXIMUM" when Guile says they can't play cat and mouse with Zangief.
-No letters for this shot.
-No letters when he and Zangief fall out of the hovercraft.
-No letters when he helps Guile onto the SX9.

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