No Way Out

Street Fighter episode 4
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Guile and Kip get left behind in Shadaloo, can they escape from Sagat and his forces?
Original USA broadcast date: November 11th, 1995


1) Synopsis
2) Notes
3) Errors


In Shadaloo, Sagat attacks the US embassy, wanting to steal the file they have on him. Escher has a group of Street Fighters -consisting of Guile, Chun-Li and Blanka -head in via helicopter to rescue the embassy staff. Upon landing, one of the helicopters is destroyed, so Guile orders that only people can use them, no files are to be taken. Almost all of the staff board the helicopters, however Guile uses a scanner device to find someone is still in there. He heads back in and orders Blanka and Chun-Li to take off if he's not back in two minutes. Guile heads in and finds the missing person -a kid called Kip, who is the ambassador's son -but before they can leave, Sagat's forces get into the embassy. Chun-Li and Blanka have no choice but to take off, as Guile and Kip can only watch the helicopters fly away.

Guile and Kip head to a backup evac point, but Kip gets caught and Guile has to surrender. They are taken back to the embassy, where Sagat says he will make Guile fight a series of continuous street fights, unless he would be willing to trade the file on himself or Bison. Guile refuses, and is soon in a ring, fighting many opponents.

Kip is taken to his room, but escapes via the vents and manages to send out an S.O.S., which Chun-Li picks up. She and Blanka arrive at the ring, and as Guile takes down Sagat with a sonic boom, the team then defeat the rest of Sagat's forces. Kip is later reunited with his parents, and reveals that he had the files on Sagat and Bison all along. He wants Guile to teach him how to do a sonic boom, but Guile tells him he has moves of his own that he needs to find.


-The sign on the hidden cover that Kip pulls up seems to state "PON COLOR TELEVISION". During the close shot, you can only see "TELEVISION" clearly.

-Diane makes her first and only appearance in the series.

-The computer Escher is seen using has some barely readable text on its monitor. From what I can tell, it says:

NAME : HONG ??? A......

? are things I can't make out.

-The magazine Kip finds appears to be called "Radio CHOCO", at the bottom of it some Japanese text can be seen.


-When Kip first enters his room via the vent, there's no magazine in the vent entrance. Later on, when he escapes from his room via the vent, he finds a magazine in the vent entrance.
-The two guys Guile throws the snake at are missing their eyes and mouths when first seen.
-Why didn't the guards just shoot the snake? They both had guns.
-When Kip says "I thought you were cool, Sagat", Guile's dogtag is missing.
-When Kip enters the communications room, he's seen closing the door, but when he later says "mayday, mayday!" the door is open again. In the next shot the guards are seen opening the door.
-When Guile jumps down with Kip and does a sonic boom, he doesn't actually say sonic boom like he always usually does.
-When Chun-Li takes a sip from her drink cup, her wrist bracelet is missing.

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