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Street Fighter episode 3
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Guile has been captured by Bison, can the Street Fighters save him?
Original USA broadcast date: November 4th, 1995


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2) Notes
3) Errors


Bison has managed to capture Guile, and has doctor Murchesen use a machine to look into Guile's dreams and alter them. Escher summons Chun-Li, and fills her in on what has happened. Dee Jay informs her that he was with Guile when they were attacked by Bison, Zangief and some other thugs. Bison used his powers to put Guile into a comatose state, and then took him away. Chun-Li and Dee Jay set off to rescue Guile, and find Ken and Ryu in trouble. They help them out in a fight, and Blanka also arrives, having received a message from Chun-Li. As usual Ken is reluctant to help, but Ryu and the others make him stay.

The Street Fighters meet with Honda, who hacks into Murchesen's database and manages to get the co-ordinates to Guile's location (although his laptop explodes in the process). Meanwhile, Bison and Murchesen find out about someone Guile cares about: Lucinda. The doctor alters Guile's dreams to make him believe Escher stole Cindy away from him, and that the Street Fighters are also his enemies, whilst Bison is his ally. Meanwhile, the Street Fighters arrive at the base lab and enter it.

The group get split up and whilst Ryu, Ken, Dee Jay and Blanka fight Bison's mutants, Chun-Li finds Guile. He attacks her, believing that the Street Fighters betrayed him, but she eventually frees him from Bison's grasp by repeatedly stating the Street Fighter code of honor: discipline, justice, commitment. The others find them and when Guile recognizes Blanka, Bison realizes his plan has failed, and sets the base to self destruct. The Street Fighters all escape, but see Bison leave the lab in jet. The team heads back home, but Guile tells Chun-Li he would have told Bison anything if he'd had another hour. Chun-Li tells him that the Street Fighters are his family, and he was able to hang on so long because deep down, he knew they'd be there for him. Guile tells her she's right.


-What's the deal with El Fideo? He apparently had some information for Chun-Li, but thanks to her having to miss her appointment, we never get to find out what it was. Later on in the episode Ken mentions El Fideo's name, as he was the one they were going to give the map to (but never end up doing). The troops he sends after Ken and Ryu wear the same uniforms as Bison's troops seen at the start, which seems to hint he may have been with Shadaloo.

-In the live action movie, Dee Jay was on the bad guy's side, but in this series he works with the Street Fighters, who don't bear any ill will towards him.

-Guile apparently has a middle name, which begins with the letter M, according to his court martial notice.


-When Guile tries to jump kick Bison, he's missing his dogtag.
-The books Chun-Li uses to open the passage change color between shots. When she takes her hand off the commitment book, it seems to have "CSESO" on the spine.
-During the shot of Dee Jay holding his head after getting hit by a crate, the "MAXIMUM" stripe on his pant leg is missing.
-When Guile's punch just comes short of Bison, Bison's cape broaches have flowers on them instead of skulls.
-The two thugs with Bison and Zangief have different colored clothes when they're seen fighting Dee Jay. A third thug also appears out of nowhere, who is clearly the same guy Chun-Li fought earlier in the episode.
-When Escher says there are practical reasons for finding Guile, Dee Jay's head is too small.
-When Escher says "he knows too much about our operation", something strange appears on the cell for about a frame after he says "operation".
-When Ken says "can't blame him for trying to make a buck", Ryu appears to mouth something in response, but no words from him are heard.
-One of El Fideo's men, who looks different to the others, has blonde hair, no gloves, an orange jacket and blue pants when first seen. But when he gets hit by a hadouken, he has brown hair, purple gloves, a purple jacket and olive pants.
-When Ryu does a hurricane kick, his leg phases straight through the guy to his right before he does the move.
-Dee Jay asks Blanka how he found them in the alley -a good question, which never gets answered!
-During the dream with kid Guile, Guile is wearing a green shirt with no sleeves for most of it, but during the shot of him walking towards his home, his shirt suddenly has sleeves.
-When Bison says "you went too far back you idiot!", his mouth doesn't move.
-Guile's court martial notice has a few errors on it: "OFFICAL" instead of OFFICIAL, "GUILT" instead of GUILE, and "IMMDIATE" instead of "IMMEDIATE".
-Honda's laptop displays nothing but colors and shapes when he's hacking the database, and doesn't show anything that looks remotely useful.
-When "Blanka" grabs Guile and throws him, part of Guile's shirt is colored the same as his skin.
-The guard Ken kicks has a error where his previous frame stays on the screen.
-Guile fights robot dummy versions of Blanka and Chun-Li, but when the real Chun-Li finds him, the dummy Street Fighters on the ground are Blanka and Ken.
-The editing for the fight scenes at the end are messed up. Ryu and Ken and seen getting split up from the others, but then Chun-Li also somehow gets separated from Blanka and Dee Jay. Ryu and Ken get attacked by four mutants, Chun-Li encounters Guile by herself. But when we see Blanka and Dee Jay, Chun-Li can be seen cowering in the background behind them, whilst two of the mutants seen attacking Ryu and Ken are suddenly fighting Blanka and Dee Jay.
-Dee Jay seems to mouth something when he uses his projectile, but only grunts when using it -maybe he was supposed to say "max out", like in the American versions of the games?

On either side of Dee Jay's pant legs, the word "MAXIMUM" is written. This was clearly going to be a pain for the animators to do, and they tried their best, but there are a few instances of them getting it wrong:
-When he gets hit by Bison's blast, it's briefly spelt "MAXIMAM" (although this does correct itself after a few frames!)
-When the Street Fighters grow in size, the first A is clearly an O.
-When he and Chun-Li jump kick some guys, the first M looks like an upside down U, whilst the A looks like a V.
-"MOXIMUM" during his "overstayed our welcome" line.
-I think they just gave up for this shot. "MIT"

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