The Strongest Woman
in the World

Street Fighter episode 2
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Chun-Li must put her desires for revenge against Bison aside when he takes over a nuclear plant in China.
Original USA broadcast date: October 28th, 1995


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Escher summons Guile, and tells him that Bison has taken over a nuclear power plant. He's demanding 10 million dollars by tomorrow night, and whilst officially the Chinese government is going to meet this demand, unofficially, Guile and his team are going to China. Guile tries to take Chun-Li with him, but she initially refuses, as the area Bison is in is where she used to live, and where Bison killed her father. However she changes her mind when she finds out about the people there who are now in danger. Cammy flies a jet and drops off Guile, Blanka and Chun-Li at the plant, which they are able to enter. However after making it to the control room, they find that Bison isn't there. He appears on the monitors and mocks them, so Guile has his team split up to try and find him.

Chun-Li finds Bison and goes after him against Guile's orders, but it turns out the man she is fighting is just a hologram. They also find out that the plant has been rigged with explosives that they can't diffuse. The team meet back up with Cammy, who has arrived in a hoverjet. Using some signal tracking gear, Cammy is able to locate where Bison is. The team find another base and start their assault. Zangief appears, but Guile takes him out with a flash kick.

Chun-Li sees Bison attempting to flee and goes after him, and gets to him before he can take off in a jet. She is going to destroy the jet's fuel tank with her fireball, but Bison tells her to think -how many will die so she can have revenge? She tells him to give her the detonator, which he does, but he then takes off in the jet and escapes. The next day, Chun-Li visits her father's grave, and tells him she is sorry for letting Bison go. She goes back to Guile and tells him that Bison was right -when she took the detonator, and let him escape, he said she was weak. Guile tells her Bison was wrong -by giving up a chance for revenge to save the lives of others, she has honored her father's memory -and proved that she is the strongest woman in the world.


-The episode's title comes from one of Chun-Li's win quotes in Street Fighter II: "I am the strongest woman in the world.".

-Bison's eyes are almost consistently colored completely white in this episode -the animators must have been watching Street Fighter II Movie for reference.

-Chun-Li's father is not named. He made his first animated appearance in Street Fighter II Movie, and whilst he's not seen that clearly, it appears his design there influenced his design for this episode.

-The first robot the Street Fighters encounter in the plant looks similar to the ones briefly seen in the intro, but is not identical to them. The robot would, many years later, be given a profile on the Shadaloo C.R.I. site, where it was given the name of "Hell 3000".

-Guile tells Chun-Li to use her "whirlwind kick" instead of spinning bird kick -Chun-Li always shouts out the correct words whenever using the move though. Some of the instructions for certain versions of the games have it listed as "whirlwind kick".

-Chun-Li also says "fireball!" whenever she uses the attack in this episode. In the latest games that had been released when this series was aired, she says "kikouken".

-She does speak one word of Japanese in this episode though -"Yatta!" (I did it!), which she says before declaring she's the strongest woman in the world for the second time. In the games, Chun-Li says "yatta" for one of her win pose animations.

-Zangief is now on the bad guy's side again -in the live action movie, he switched sides during the end, and helped several characters escape. It's not stated at any point in the series why he's gone back to working for Bison.

-Chun-Li visits her father's grave, which is something she does in her Street Fighter II ending.


-Chun-Li didn't seem that bothered that Bison was back in the previous episode, but in this one she disobeys orders so she can have her revenge on him.
-This episode is the first to have an issue with Guile's eyebrows -sometimes they're colored black, sometimes they're colored yellow. This happens throughout the rest of the series, so I'm only going to mention it here.
-When Chun-Li is sparring, there is a part where she takes out three guys with her spinning bird kick. The guy on the right is black and has hair, but during his close up shot, he's white and is bald.
-When Chun-Li says "So Wuhan's in trouble... good riddance." her wrist bracelets are missing. They magically appear a couple of shots later.
-The scientists at the plant are never seen being rescued by the Street Fighters, and get completely forgotten about.
-When the big robot swats Guile to the floor, the grunt Guile makes sounds like a Blanka grunt.
-Guile says "Blanka!" for seemingly no reason just before the robot is seen trying to get its fist out of the ground.
-When Blanka says "so we're going after him", Chun-Li is missing her wrist bracelets again.
-When Bison says he's the strongest man, Cammy can be seen (well, one of her legs can be seen) behind Chun-Li -Cammy shouldn't be there yet.
-As noted above, Bison's eyes are almost always white throughout the episode -but when he runs outside towards the jet, they're colored black.
-Chun-Li's wrist bracelets are missing again for two shots when Bison reveals the remote, and then when he says "think, fool".
-There's not really anything to stop Chun-Li from destroying Bison's jet the moment she gets the detonator from him -he's quite slow to take off.

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