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Guile is sent on a mission to stop a deadly virus from spreading.
Original USA broadcast date: October 21st, 1995


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Having been court marshaled for his actions in Shadaloo, Guile now works as an undercover operative for the Street Fighter organization. After beating his opponent in a tournament, he is summoned by Escher and is sent on a new mission: find the missing medic team, who had been sent in to contain a deadly virus from spreading. With little time left, Guile finds out that Chun-Li is in the area, are is less pleased to learn that Ryu and Ken are as well. In the jungle, Ken is leading Ryu on a wild goose chase for some treasure, but a pig charges into Ryu and infects him with the virus -something neither Ryu or Ken are aware of.

They happen to meet Guile in a store and he lets them tag along, and they soon find Chun-Li. The group finds some equipment the medic team were using, and come across a short message from Lucinda Davila -Guile's old flame. Nearby in a temple, Blanka sees his "brothers" -natives who he had been living with -are being captured by unknown soldiers, and he goes after them.

The medic team have been captured by Bison, who has survived the events of Shadaloo. He claims he is interested in the medical team's work and wants them to work faster, and tries to get them to do so by threatening to contaminate the captured natives with the virus. Meanwhile, Blanka finds Guile's group and attacks Guile, but when he realizes who it is, he stops. Guile convinces him to fight with him once more. Nearby, Ken has snuck off with Ryu to the temple, believing that the treasure inside it is now useless to Blanka's brothers since Bison captured them all. However, Ryu then suddenly collapses due to the virus.

Guile's group find Bison's base, and go on the attack. Blanka finds and frees his brothers, but has to let himself be contaminated by the virus to do so. Guile goes after Bison, but Bison escapes in a hoverjet and blasts Guile off of it when he tries to follow.

Guile lands on a Shadaloo tank Ken stole, and finds out that Ryu is sick. Things get worse when Lucinda believes both Blanka and Ryu are going to die due to the virus, however she is surprised when Blanka recovers. She finds out that what Bison did to Blanka has changed his immune system, and he is now producing antibodies which are fighting the virus. She says that Blanka's blood can cure anyone who has the virus, and Ryu is quickly saved. Later on, Lucinda leaves with the rest of the medical team, whilst Blanka accepts Guile's invitation for him to join the Street Fighters.


-The intro features Cammy riding a motorbike at one point. This vehicle is never featured in the series.

-The large hovercraft also seen in the intro won't be seen until the second season, and even then it looks different, and the bad guys use it.

-This series implies that the events of the live action movie happened, but there are some differences. The main thing is certain characters being on different sides, but more on that later.

-Cindy isn't in the games, and is a cartoon-exclusive character. In the games, Guile has a wife and child who he abandoned, but later gets back with them.

-The image of Ryu and Ken seen on Escher's computer appears to be based/traced from some promo/concept art of the characters created for Street Fighter II Movie.

-Ryu says he's been "slimed by Arnold the Pig", which is a reference to Green Acres.

-It's not exactly clear what Bison was planning to do -presumably he wanted to threaten to use the virus against the world, but wanted to make sure there was a vaccine first just in case he got infected?

-This is the only episode which hints that Chun-Li might be romantically interested in Guile. When he talks about Cindy, Chun-Li says she must have been "someone special" and then later when Guile and Cindy briefly chat, there is a shot of Chun-Li standing back from them, looking sad.

-A script for this episode has been on eBay for years, but nobody has bought it. The images the seller put up show a ton of differences, click here for more details.


-Sagat's fingers are colored the same as the wraps on his hands in this shot.
-Dee Jay's pants don't have the "MAXIMUM" text on them when he throws his projectiles.
-Cammy's face scar is missing when she drops down and does a punch.
-When Guile and Bison are shown fighting, Blanka rolls past, and his eyes are yellow instead of red.
-The projectile Chun-Li is shown using is colored yellow instead of blue.
-During a shot of the Street Fighters running forwards, part of Blanka's mouth flashes white a few times.
-Balrog is drawn with regular gloves instead of boxing gloves.

-The sign seen outside the warehouse states "TOURAIAMOJ" instead of "TOURNAMENT".
-There are a couple of people walking towards the warehouse's entrance, these people do not fully walk into the shot -if you watch carefully it's like they teleport into it.
-When the Crimson Crawdad removes his jacket, look to the left of the crowd and you can see that one of the people watching is Cindy.
-When Crimson gets knocked out of the ring, there is a shot of a crowd which pans up, during this shot several character models get used twice, most noticeably this big guy.
-When Guile uses the hidden panel, his finger can be seen pressing nonexistent buttons.
- When Ryu walks away from Ken, his left leg overlaps the plants in the background.
-The cashier Guile pays has purple skin.
-When Chun-Li slips out of her poncho, the thug's gloves have fingernails painted on them.
-3 goons attack Chun-Li, and one of them is seem wearing suspenders. However this guy disappears, and instead, the guy with the purple shirt duplicates himself -Chun-Li is seen knocking him into the water twice.
-When the natives are being hit with the sonic waves, one of them can be seen opening and closing his mouth as if he's meant to be saying something or screaming, but no dialogue is heard.
-I'll only mention this here as it happens throughout the series: Bison's eyes are never consistently colored. In this episode, sometimes they're black and white, sometimes they're completely white.
-Also when Bison talks to Lucinda, check out his chest -the threads the connect his cape keep switching colors from yellow to blue and back again.
-When Bison lowers the virus bomb, he says it'll go off in 12 hours. However, the timer is clearly going down in seconds, making it look like there's only 12 minutes to go!
-When the bomb is lowered down, the timer displays as "11:50". This then changes to "12:01". This then changes again to "11:59".
-When Blanka says "until they found me", his right thumbnail is colored green like his skin.
-When he says "and you're here!" his eyes are colored white instead of red.
-The bomb's timer is later magically corrected to display hours, minutes and seconds, earlier it only displayed hours and minutes (although it was clearly going down in seconds earlier).
- When Guile says "what is it?" part of his shoulder is missing.
-When Chun-Li runs towards Guile after finding Ken and Ryu are gone, look at Blanka -his right leg is partly missing, as is his left hand, and his right hand lacks fingers.
-During the shot of Ken holding up some treasure, Ryu's belt is colored red instead of black.
-As Bison flies away, the shot of his hover jet flying out of shot is messed up -bits of it keep disappearing as it moves.
-When Guile says "should he be thirsty?", Blanka's eyebrows are colored green instead of black.

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