Street Fighter

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General Bison has taken hostages, and demands 20 billion dollars for their release. It's up to Colonel Guile and the Allied Nations to stop him!
Original USA release date: December 23rd, 1994


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Bison, a power-mad dictator, has taken 63 allied nations relief workers hostage, and demands 20 billion dollars for their release. As Bison watches a news report about it presented by Chun-Li, AN Colonel William F. Guile takes her mic and calls out Bison. Bison hacks into the broadcast signal and talks to Guile, and as the two talk, the AN attempt to trace where Bison is broadcasting from, but are unsuccessful. Guile tells the hostages, including his friend Carlos "Charlie" Blanka, to hold on. Bison realizes that Charlie is one of Guile's friends, and has him taken to the lab.

In Shadaloo city, Ryu and Ken attempt to con Viktor Sagat by selling him fake weapons, but he outsmarts them, and decides to have Ryu fight Vega in a cage match. Back in the lab, the imprisoned doctor Dhalsim is forced by Bison to turn Charlie into a mutated super solider. Back at the fight, things are about to start, only for Guile to show up and crash through a wall. He tells everyone that they're under arrest.

The new prisoners are taken back to the AN base, where Sagat's guys try to take down Ryu and Ken, but are beaten up. Guile sees this and decides to use Ryu and Ken, by having them infiltrate Sagat's gang and use a homing device -he knows Sagat supplies Bison with weapons, so he believes Sagat will lead them to Bison. Later, some of the prisoners, including Sagat, Vega, Ryu and Ken, are to be moved out via truck. Ryu gets into a pretend fight with Ken, and when AN soldiers break them up, he manages to swipe the keys. Sagat convinces them to release him and Vega too, as he can help them escape the city. The prisoners quickly take command of the truck, and Ken manages to get T. Hawk's gun. As the truck charges out of the base, Ken shoots at Guile, hitting him twice and killing him. As the truck heads on, Chun-Li places her own tracking device on it.

She returns to her own truck, where her crew -Honda and Balrog -are waiting. They see their signal is getting interference from another, and it's originating inside the AN base. Confused over why that would be, Chun Li investigates, and enters the morgue. She finds the source of the signal, but she also finds Guile, who surprises her when he suddenly gets up! He reveals he faked his death, and Chun-Li realizes the men who led the prison break are working for him. Chun-Li explains that Bison killed her father, but Guile says this war isn't about her personal vendetta... it's about his. T. Hawk and Chun-Li try to take her to the jail, but she escapes. Later on, Bison and Sagat host a marketplace, where weapons are being sold off.

Ryu and Ken are there, but the are found by Chun-Li and her team. They intend to blow the place up, and get Ryu and Ken to cause a distraction. They head back to where Bison and Sagat are, only to find the two men and their forces ready to kill each other, after Bison revealed he intended to pay Sagat with his own currency: Bison dollars. Ryu warns them about enemy spies, and everyone is able to evacuate before a bomb-filled truck is sent towards them, which explodes. Chun-Li, Balrog and Honda are captured, and taken back to Bison's hidden temple base, along with everyone else.

Having tracked the tracer Ryu and Ken had, Guile tells the senior AN officers that their plan will be to have the main force move up river, whilst he, Cammy and T. Hawk uses a stealth boat to distract and destroy Bison's defenses. An AN official arrives and states the assault is off, as they've decided to negotiate with Bison. Guile convinces his troops to join him in heading to where Bison is, and the AN force moves out, leaving the AN officials behind. Back at Bison's base, Ryu and Ken go to free Balrog and Honda, but are attacked by them, angry that they double crossed them. Ken tells them that they're on the same side, and they head off to find Chun-Li.

Chun-Li has been taken to Bison's chambers, and as she tells him about how he killed her father, he says he can't remember any of it. He then tells her the day he entered her village was the greatest day of her life, but for him... it was Tuesday. Chun-Li attacks Bison, but when Honda and the others come into the room, she gets distracted, allowing Bison to escape. He enters a hidden room and knocks out everyone with some gas. In the lab, Dhalsim alters the program being used to mutate Charlie, to stop showing him violent images and start showing him peaceful ones.

Guile and his team blow up some of Bison's radar sites, and Bison finds out that Guile is still alive. He starts releasing mines everywhere, one of which hits the boat, and destroys it. However, Guile, Cammy and T. Hawk have all survived, and make their way towards the temple base. Back in the lab, a guard finds out what Dhalsim is doing, and attacks him. The chamber Charlie is in is accidentally opened, and Charlie attacks the guard.

The time limit is up, and Bison finds out the ransom money has not been paid into his account. As this is happening, Guile enters the fortress, and is attacked by Charlie. However, when he says he's his friend, Charlie stops his attack. He asks for help, and Guile is about to shoot him whilst promising to make the bad guys pay, but he is stopped by Dhalsim. Bison tells the hostages that they are to be killed by his new creation, and orders for the incubation chamber to be raised. Dhalsim explains to Guile that the real monster is upstairs, expecting to see his creation.

Guile gets into the chamber, and as the doors on it open, he leaps out and kicks Bison. Chun-Li's group, who had been taken to the control room, are able to get free, and go to Guile. Guile tells Ryu, Ken, Chun-Li and Balrog to get the hostages, whilst Honda gets into a fight with Zangief. Outside, the AN force arrive at the temple, and Cammy and T. Hawk meet up with them. They engage in a firefight with Bison's forces.

Ken wants to go, and also try to find something valuable before they leave, but Ryu reminds him about the hostages. Ken still wants to leave, but Ryu doesn't, and the two split up. In the control room, some of the AN arrive, but Guile orders them to get the hostages and leave. Bison orders his troops out of the room, so he and Guile can have a one on one battle. The two fight, and Guile ends up being the victor.

However, Bison revives, and hits Guile with a blast of energy. Ryu is hunted down by Sagat and Vega, but Ken returns to help him out. Ryu defeats Vega, whilst Ken bests Sagat. Ken leaves Sagat a statue he had intended to take, and thanks him -if he hadn't of met him, he may have become him.

Bison can not only fire off energy blasts, but he can also fly. After hitting Guile several times, he tries to charge into him to finish him off, but Guile counters with a powerful kick. Bison is sent flying into some monitors...

...which explode, killing him. Guile survives the explosion and heads to the lab, but the whole thing has started off a chain reaction, and the base is going to explode. Zangief finds Dee Jay, and is confused about what's going on. Dee Jay has to explain to him that their boss Bison is a bad guy, that's why people have come from all over the world to stop him. Chun-Li and the others find the hostages, and free them. Everyone then evacuates the base, and Zangief helps them escape by holding up a closing blast door.

Guile finds Charlie and Blanka, and says they have to go, but Charlie refuses. He tells Guile that he can't go back, not like this. As he backs away, Dhalsim tells Guile that Charlie will not be alone in his final moments. He wants to atone for his part in this evil, but Guile says he did nothing. Dhalsim says if good men do nothing, that is evil enough. An explosion then separates Guile from Dhalsim and Blanka, forcing him to leave on his own. He manages to get out and sees that everyone else has escaped. Dee Jay and Sagat have also escaped, but the chest Dee Jay took from Bison's chambers turns out to be full of worthless Bison dollars. Sagat laughs and tosses the useless money away.

Chun-Li asks Guile about an interview, and he says sure -but only if she wears that dress! Everyone turns around to look back at the base, which continues to explode and fall apart. Sometime later, a single solar cell turns on, reactivating the base's systems. Bison is revived, and he decides to have another go at world domination...


-The film's release date -December 23rd -happens to be Guile's birthday.

-The title card has the subtitle of "The Ultimate Battle". This subtitle only seems to get used in the film itself, the video, DVD and blu-ray boxes don't have it on them.

-Ryu's name is pronounced differently by different characters. Most of the time, it's pronounced "Rai-ooh", but at one point both Bison and Guile use the correct pronunciation of "Ree-ooh".

-Guile's line about an attack from the air being impossible is a reference to what was originally supposed to happen -an air battle had been planned, but the Thai government refused use of its air space due to how many aircraft would be required. So it was changed to a sea battle instead.

-The controls Bison uses to launch the mines resembles the controls used on the Street Fighter II arcade machines -a joystick and six buttons, one set for each player.

-It's not clear if Vega survives, as after Ryu knocks him down with a kick, he's not seen again. He seems to still be conscious after getting hit, but isn't seen getting up. In the comic book adaption of the movie, he actually does die in his battle with Ryu, falling onto his own claw. Whether or not this was Vega's original fate in the movie is unknown.

-When Guile returns to the lab, Dhalsim is suddenly bald, and his shirt is missing. This wasn't the case earlier, when he was trying to stop Blanka from fighting the Bison troopers. Dhalsim's actor, Roshan Seth, has mentioned in an interview that his character was meant to pull his hair out in anger, but this scene is not in the finished movie.

-The final shot of all of the characters has everybody doing a win pose from the games.

-The credits start with the following message: "For Raul, Vaya Con Dios", meaning "Go With God".

-The post-credits scene was not included in the film's theatrical run, out of respect for Raul Juliá. It was restored for the DVD and blu-ray versions of the film.


-When Guile watches the video with him and Charlie in it, the patch on Charlie's arm has been sewn on upside down -the Brazilian flag is the wrong way round.
-As Bison uses the controls to release the mines, any close up shots of his arms show that he has silver forearm protectors equipped. But seconds later, when he says "game over!" the forearm protectors are missing.
-When Guile shoots a Bison trooper above him, the trooper falls. The wire attached to him can very clearly be seen, mainly thanks to an explosion that happens just before he falls.