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Street Fighter episode 26
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Bison plans to destroy the entire world.
Original USA broadcast date: May 14th, 1997


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Cammy is sent to an MI5 base, to steal the launch codes to the world's nuclear missiles. She does this, but is attacked by Celia and Guile. She manages to injure Celia and escape. Later on, Burke tells Guile to not delude himself, as whatever Cammy meant to either of them in the past, is gone now. He and Rory's new orders are to retrieve the codes and eliminate Cammy. In Shadaloo, Cammy gives the codes to Bison, unaware that Kali has influenced his mind. As Cammy and Zangief are sent away, Bison reveals that he intends to destroy the world. However, Sagat learns of Bison's plan.

Sagat gets someone to deliver a package to Guile and Chun-Li, just before the two were about to jet off to Shadaloo. At Bison's palace, Bison finds Burke and Rory, and defeats both of them. Guile and Chun-Li are on their way, when Guile opens the package. Inside is a letter stating that Sagat wants to work with them to stop Bison, along with a tape which shows Cammy's past.

Bison holds Burke and Rory prisoner, and says he wants them to witness his moment of glory. He reveals he hasn't told anyone else of his plans, and has ordered for Sagat to be executed, having found out he alerted the Street Fighters, and let them fly through Shadaloo airspace. Guile and Chun-Li arrive in Bison's palace, where they encounter Cammy and Zangief. Guile knocks Zangief out, and then plays the tape. Cammy watches in horror as she sees that Bison was the one who killed her parents, and then brainwashed her into thinking her only love was Bison.

Enraged, Cammy rushes off to Bison, and attacks him. Chun-Li and Guile make it into the room, as Bison has to take on multiple opponents in a row. Having defeated Cammy, Burke, Rory and Chun-Li, he blasts Guile and declares there are no more heroes. But he then gets hit by a tiger shot, as Sagat appears and reveals he escaped from his executioners.

Bison gets knocked down, so Sagat and Guile start trashing the computers, trying to get the countdown timer stopped. However Bison revives and takes Sagat out, leaving only Guile left to fight him. Guile eventually manages to kick Bison into a computer and then throws a couple of sonic booms at him, causing Bison to try and shield himself from one of them by using his magnetic powers. However, this results in the computer electrocuting him, and his magnetic powers going out of control.

The computer then explodes, killing Bison. Guile tells everyone that whilst they've had their differences, they pulled together to save the world, and they proved themselves to be worthy of the name "Street Fighter". The teams return home, and later Guile meets with Cammy. He reveals that they have gotten MI5 to drop all charges against her, and tells her that Escher thinks they can put her through a rehabilitation program, to get her back on the team. However Cammy declines his offer, saying that her past was a lie, and it was time for her to get on with her future. Guile asks her to wait, but she continues to walk, saying that a person can't live in the past... the past is filled with pain.


-This episode first aired around two and a half weeks after the previous one, and was broadcast on a Wednesday.

-The data shown on the file transfer is mainly lots of numbers and Japanese text, but there is some English text, stating "NACK 5" and "FM-FUJI". These are both Japanese radio shows. There's another station mentioned, but the text is cut off, only reading "AY-FM". Another station listed is FEN, which was a network of radio and TV shows for US military forces serving in Japan. FEN was dissolved in 1991.

-Rory has no lines of dialogue in this episode.

-Sagat says he cannot trust anyone is Shadaloo, but it is unclear to who that biker is he sends out to meet Guile. The biker isn't anyone who has appeared in the series before.

-A slightly altered version of Bison's "killed my father too" line would later be used as his win quote against Chun-Li in 2012's Street Fighter X Tekken.

-Sagat is not shown walking off with the others as the sun rises, but he clearly survived the battle -he's present in the group shot as Guile begins his speech. Zangief's fate is unclear, as he's never seen again after Guile throws him.

-Cammy's final line is something she previously said in "Cammy and the Bachelor".

-This was the final episode of the series, and it seems there were no plans for a third season. The series would continue to air reruns on the USA Network's USA Action Extreme Team programming block throughout the rest of 1997, and the majority of 1998.


-Celia's gloves are missing during this shot.
-As Cammy retreats to the lift, her animation cell isn't layered correctly during the last frame, with her feet being visible when they shouldn't be.
-Sagat's scar is consistently missing again, like it was in "The Warrior King".
-When Rory falls down, his gag is missing.
-When Dhalsim appears on the video, he appears to be smiling as he injects Cammy. In other episodes it's clear that he hated what he was doing, even at the time he was doing it.
-When Chun-Li says "Cammy's gone... she disappeared!", her mouth isn't moving, but Guile's is.
-When Bison throws Cammy, the fingers on Cammy's right hand are at one point colored red.
-Chun-Li is seen doing a jump kick, but the next shot has her trying to punch Bison.
-The countdown timer is just as messed up as the ones seen in "Keeping the Peace". It clearly would have run out of time long before Guile and Bison finish fighting.

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