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Street Fighter episode 24
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After being attacked by Sagat, Sakura searches for Ryu.
Original USA broadcast date: April 11th, 1997


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Ken and Ryu confront some smugglers, but the smugglers end up getting away, whilst Ken has to save Ryu from drowning. Meanwhile, in Shadaloo, Sagat attacks a dojo, who's members despise him and idolize Ryu. One of the members, Sakura, is told by her sensei to run and find Ryu. Sakura manages to get out of the dojo, but Sagat isn't bothered about her, considering her a weak child.

The Street Fighters return to the USA, where Escher yells at Ken and Ryu for blowing the mission. The pair leave and start squabbling over Ken's title of the world's greatest warrior, as Ken tells Ryu he'll always be second best. They end up fighting each other, and Ryu hits him with his super hurricane move. However Ken then loses consciousness, and has to be taken to hospital. Ryu and Guile find out that Ken drank some water with some nasty bugs in it.

Guile sends Ryu home, but as he crosses over a bridge, a gang tries to get him to give them money. Ryu is ready to fight them, despite the odds, but then Sakura appears to help him out. The two beat up the guys, and she explains who she is and why she's here. She says that she saw Ryu defeat Sagat, and via flashback, the fight between the two is shown. Ryu defeated Sagat and scarred him for life, after hitting him with a shoryuken. Sagat's men were told to go after Ryu, but the crowd, led by Sakura's sensei, stopped them. Back in the present, Ryu takes Sakura back to the Street Fighter HQ, and explains things to Escher and Guile. Escher eventually lets them go, but Guile doesn't want to take Sakura along, considering Shadaloo to be too dangerous. However she throws him, and says she's survived the worst Shadaloo has to offer, and they'll need her to lead them. Guile thinks she's tough to argue with.

The team take a jet to Shadaloo and land, but Ryu is almost immediately captured when a helicopter catches him with a net. Ryu is taken to Sagat's fortress, and Sagat reveals his plan: to recreate their battle, and televise it throughout Shadaloo. But this time, Sagat intends to win. Ryu and Sagat start fighting, with Sagat initially proving to be the stronger of the two.

Guile and Sakura take out some guards, and save Sakura's sensei and other students. Back at the fight, Ryu starts to make a comeback, hitting Sagat with a shoryuken. Sagat laughs this off, but Ryu says he has something new for him, and hits him with a hadouken. Sagat crashes out of the ring, and is defeated.

Guile arrives in another jet, and Ryu collapses. Later on, Sakura is returned to her dojo, and Guile tells her that one day the Street Fighters will be back to put an end to Shadaloo's evil rulers. Sakura says the resistance will be here to help them, and when Ryu defeated Sagat, he gave them hope again. Guile assures her that Ryu will be fine, he just needs a lot of rest. Back at the hospital, Ryu wakes up to the sound of Ken telling him this is what happens when he tries going on a mission without him. He needs him for backup, as he is the world's greatest warrior, after all. Ryu tells him perhaps he is, but only time will tell. But one things for sure, and that's that Ryu is the world's greatest pillow fighter. The two start a pillow fight, and laugh.


-This episode was first aired nearly two months after the previous one. I wonder what was up with the second season's air dates?

-The move Ryu uses against Ken -which he calls the "super hurricane" -is an extremely rare use of a super move from one of the games. In this case, it's the shinku tatsu maki sen pu kyaku (vacuum hurricane whirlwind kick), which Ryu had in the Street Fighter Alpha games. Other super moves that made it into the series are Blanka's ground shave rolling (which he uses a few times in select episodes) and Akuma's raging demon (used in "The World's Greatest Warrior").

-There is what appears to be a fourth wall break in this episode -when Sakura tells Ryu he's the warrior she's dreamed of meeting all her life, Ryu turns his head so he's looking directly at the camera, and smiles.

-When Guile says he wants to take a team with him, he mentions Honda and Dee Jay. This is the one and only time in the second season that Dee Jay is mentioned.

-The helicopter that catches Ryu looks identical to the the one destroyed in "So, You Want to be in Pictures".


-Ken seems to say "hey! hey!" too early, when he's not doing anything. It sounds more like the words were meant to be heard when he gets tangled up by the ropes.
-When the sensei gets hit by the tiger shot, his body breaks up for one frame.
-When Ryu says "your lack of discipline will keep you from being the best", the background is scrolling, even though Ryu isn't moving.
-The yell Ryu makes when he gets caught in the net is the same yell Zangief made in "The Flame and the Rose".
-The exterior shots of the hospital do not match up between night time and day time -note the day time version has different buildings on the right side, and some white lines are missing from the road.
-When Sagat says "tiger" for both of the tiger shots he uses against Ryu, his mouth doesn't move.
-When Sagat says "your dragon punch is no longer a threat", his head is far too small.
-When Ryu says "You're right Sagat! It is time for a new legend!", his mouth doesn't move.

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