Cammy must Die!

Street Fighter episode 20
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Guile and Honda try to track down Cammy, having found out Burke and his team have been sent to eliminate her.
Original USA broadcast date: November 23rd, 1996


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Guile and Honda steal Cammy's file from MI5, and find out that she was potentially a double agent from the start. They also find that MI5 have ordered for her to be terminated, and as she was last seen in Calcutta, they head there immediately. In Calcutta, Cammy and fellow Shadaloo agent La Lupa break into a museum, and steal a statue of the Goddess Kali, which is meant to have healing powers. As they leave, they are confronted by Burke's team. They get into a fight, but Cammy tells La Lupa to take the statue to Bison.

Cammy is subdued as Guile and Honda arrive, but she breaks free from Burke and attacks Celia. Celia throws and kicks her, causing her to land head first. When she recovers, Cammy claims she can't remember anything since the battle in the warehouse. Guile and Burke believe her, and they let her take them to Bison's hidden base (much to Celia's chagrin, who doesn't believe Cammy). Cammy does take the group into the base, but then reveals it was all an act, and she's still with Bison. She runs off and Guile follows her.

The rest of the group are left to deal with La Lupa and her dreaded wolf pack. Guile and Cammy briefly fight, and end up in Bison's chambers. Guile takes out Cammy, but has been worn out. Bison, who has partially recovered from his injuries thanks to using the statue, believes the odds are in his favor, and starts to fight Guile. The fight does seem to be going his way until Guile flash kicks him.

Bison uses the Kali statue to send out an energy blast, which knocks everyone back. He then uses his own powers to retrieve Cammy (whilst totally ignoring the defeated La Lupa), and the two escape on a platform via heading out of a secret door in the ceiling. As they leave, Bison declares that with the power of Kali, he shall conquer all. Honda says he knows of the legend of the Kali statue, and believes it could truly make Bison invincible. Guile says that invincible or not, they're going to find Bison, and end this madness once and for all. Celia tells him he can do what he wants with Bison, but Cammy is hers.


-This episode aired 8 days after the previous one, which meant it was broadcast on a Saturday, like most of the other episodes -the previous one aired on a Friday.

-La Lupa is not in any of the games, and has so far only been in this cartoon, for this episode only.

-This episode introduces the Kali statue, which will be pretty important later on in the series. Given that it's referred to as a Goddess, the statue is based on this Kali, who is meant to destroy evil and protect the innocent, rather than this Kali, a demon who is the source of all evil.

-In the games Cammy yells "cannon drill" when doing the move, in the episode, she yells "cannon drill kick!".

-This episode marks Honda's last appearance in the series.


-This episode has the last shot of the MI5 HQ. And it still has that stupid purple spinning cube, just like every other time its been featured.
-When Guile leaps out of the window after setting off the alarm, the window is missing the hole he made in it.
-Guile calls MI5 "M Fifteen" at once point. This is despite saying it correctly just a few lines before this.
-The picture of Cammy changes during this shot -previously it had a yellow bar at the top, and the word "TERMINATE" written across the picture.
-When Cammy talks about the ancient legend of the statue, the red triangle on her outfit is missing.
-Burke's eye scar is missing when he says "that's the way".
-When Burke fires his grappling hook, Cammy and La Lupa can be seen running in place.
-Rory's hat is colored green instead of red during this shot.
-When Cammy says "I'm in love with him", her face scar is missing.
-There are a couple of shots in the chamber scene where Bison's black hair is colored the same as his skin.

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