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Run, Kenshiro! Another friend is going to die!!
-From Rage Quitter 87's Fist of the North Star site

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Kenshiro, Toki and Raoh arrive at the Holy Cross Mausoleum.
Original broadcast date: March 6th 1986

1) Synopsis
2) In the manga...


Toki and Roah meet up after defeating some of Souther's men. Raoh says he is going to the mausoleum to witness Ken's death, but finds out that Toki knows Souther's secret. Toki says he will not let Kenshiro die yet. Later on, Kenshiro arrives at the mausoleum, as do Raoh and Toki. Despite having three of the most powerful men on Earth standing before him, Souther is not bothered.

Shuu is at the top of the mausoleum and says that a Nanto star can never rule. This angers Souther, who has his men shoot Shuu with arrows, before Souther lands the finishing blow by throwing a large spear at him. Ken runs up the pyramid, but cannot stop the spear from hitting Shuu.

Shuu knows he is going to die, but something incredible has happened -he can see again! He has his wish of being able to see Kenshiro grown up, and tells him to go on and open the path of this age -he will forever be watching over him. He then dies by letting the last piece of the mausoleum crush him. Kenshiro tells Shuu to live on inside him before turning around and telling Souther that once he is through with him, there will be nothing left!

In the manga...

-The scene where Raoh and Toki fight some of Souther's men at the start of the episode was not in the manga.

-Souther's line about one of his men being already dead was not in the manga.

-When Raoh and Toki arrive at the
mausoleum, they are together in the manga, but were split up for the anime.

-Shuu's line about his son and wife waiting for him was not in the manga. You never see that image of his wife in the manga either.

-Toki's line about Shuu shining brightly was not in the manga.

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