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Clash of the Two Command Stars, Ken vs. Souther! Only My Star Can Guard the Heavens!
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As Kenshiro confronts Souther again, the Holy Emperor reveals why he has no need for love.
Original broadcast date: March 13th 1986

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2) In the manga...
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Souther heads up the mausoleum, where one of the children lined up stabs him with a knife. He is fine and removes the knife, whilst saying that the emotions he had for Shuu made him go crazy, crazy enough to attack him. Souther then reveals how, many years a go, he was adopted by Ogai, the current master of Nanto Ho'oh Ken. Ogai started to teach Souther the style.

When Souther turned 15 years old, Ogai told him he had a final test. Souther put on a blindfold as Ogai told him that he will now face real combat for the first time -he will be attacked, so he must avoid the strike and win the battle. Souther did this, and struck his attacker, but found out that he had just critically injured his own master! Ogai told him that Nanto Ho'oh Ken could only ever have one successor, to be defeated by the new successor was part of his fate. As he died, Souther could not stand it, and screamed that if love made you suffer and become this miserable, he had no need for it.

Back in the present, Ken resumes fighting Souther, but his Hokuto Shinken techniques do not seem to work. He plunges his fists into Souther's chest, and realises something...just as Souther cuts into his face repeatedly. However, as Ken gets back up, Souther stumbles and then part of his head explodes -Kenshiro says that he now knows what Souther's secret is!

In the manga...

-The scene where Raoh kills the soldier happens after Souther reveals his past in the manga. For the anime, it happens before.

-In the manga, when Souther seemingly defeats Ken, he says "Who's next? Raoh? Toki?!". In the anime this was changed to him just asking who wants to fall to his Nanto Ho'oh Ken next.


-The first couple of minutes for this episode have a recap, using clips from the episode where Kenshiro and Souther first fight each other.

-Then, the next few minutes have a recap of the last episode with Shuu's final moments, but with all new animation!

-However, the animation isn't very good for this. Well, I suppose the animation is OK, but the art for this episode is fairly ugly, especially at the start with Shuu. This is one of the worst looking episodes of the entire series.

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