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The Bloody Holy Cross Mausoleum! Shuu! My Heart Will Hold Your Tears!!
-From Rage Quitter 87's Fist of the North Star site

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Shuu has to place the last piece of the mausoleum, whilst the Hokuto masters gather.
Original broadcast date: February 27th 1986

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Kenshiro exits the sewers and uses a technique to heal himself. Meanwhile, at Mamiya's village, Toki has decided he must leave. When Nanto is in disarray, Hokuto appears, and he knows he must find Kenshiro, as there is something important he needs to tell him. At the mausoleum, Souther reveals his plan: he wants Shuu to take the last piece of his pyramid and place it at the very top, to complete it. Even though Shuu's legs are badly injured, he starts to work his way up the structure, as the lives of the captured children are at stake if he fails.

Toki comes across some of Shuu's men, who were trying to find Kenshiro but were spotted by a large group of Souther's men. He defeats them whilst not far away, another large part of the army is waiting for Kenshiro to appear, so they can attack him. However, Raoh appears behind them. The army are at first scared of him, but they eventually attack.

However they are absolutely no match for Raoh, who tears them apart with ease. Elsewhere, Kenshiro starts to make his way to the mausoleum -the cries of the star of benevolence are calling together the three stars of Hokuto.

In the manga...

-The scene with Raoh at his fortress was longer in the manga, as there was a part where Toki appears and says he knows what Souther's secret is. This part got cut from the anime.

-The scene with Toki leaving Mamiya's village was not in the manga.

-In the manga, Raoh and Toki are together when they find some of Shuu's men cornered by Souther's army, and they both defeat the Holy Cross troops. In the anime, Toki is the one who finds Shuu's men, whilst Raoh battles another part of the army in a different location. Toki and Raoh don't meet up until the next episode.


-This episode marks Mamiya's last (non-flashback) appearance for quite a while.


-The base Raoh is at has a slightly different exterior design again since we last saw it in the previous episode.

-Some of Shuu's men Toki helps out get different colored clothes between shots.

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