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Another Art of Assassination! The name of it is Gento Kouken!!
-From Rage Quitter 87's Fist of the North Star site

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Solia of the purple light is sent out to kill Kenshiro.
Original broadcast date: April 9th 1987

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2) In the manga...
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Annoyed that Kenshiro is helping the North Star Army, Jakoh puts together a plan to destroy him. He sends Solia of the purple light to Mamiya's village, where he kills the village leader. Mamiya and Airi hear the elder's screams, but only find Solia. Solia tells them that it is time for the Celestial Emperor's star to shine, whilst everything Hokuto and Nanto must be destroyed. It is now the age of the Celestial Emperor and the holy style, Gento Kouken (Source Star Imperial Fist)!

Kenshiro and the rest of the army are heading towards another Empire controlled area, when they happen to be marching past Mamiya's village. They notice that there is a lot of smoke coming out of it, so Ken goes to investigate. There, he finds that Solia and his troops have attacked the place, and Mamiya explains what happened to the village elder. Kenshiro challenges Solia, who uses a technique from the Gento Kouken style called Ryurin Kouzan (Flowing Ring Light Slash).

Meanwhile, the North Star Army invade a village and take it over, causing the troops of the Emperor to flee. Bat finds out there are some special prisoners here, called Hazu and Gill, who have been locked into a concrete restraint. Bat isn't sure what to do with them, but thinks they may be useful, so he frees them -kind of. Meanwhile, back at the battle, Kenshiro defeats Solia be destroying one of his arms.

Just before he dies, Solia says that the Celestial Emperor will never forgive the North Star. The other Gento generals will now rise up to destroy him. The Source Star will slaughter the North Star, no matter what. Solia's words have given Kenshiro a lot to think about, who is this Celestial Emperor and why does he want Hokuto destroyed so badly? At the capital fortress of the Celestial Emperor, news reaches of Solia's death. But in one room, four people gather together and state that whilst the purple light may have faded, they will avenge Solia by carrying out an order directly from the Emperor -they will annihilate Kenshiro!

In the manga...

-Solia is introduced later. He never goes to Mamiya's village, does not kill the elder, and is sent on a different mission: to delay Kenshiro from reaching Bat and Lin.

-The character that kills the elder is Falco, and his death is told in flashback -Mamiya informs Ken of this. In the anime, his death was changed to it being in the present. The elder's death is also much more violent in the manga, his body is split into pieces.

-The grave Mamiya and Airi pray in front of is for the elder in the manga, in the anime, it is Rei's grave.

-Mamiya's village is never attacked in the manga.

-The reason why Kenshiro goes to Mamiya's village is to drop of Asuka, as it is a safe place. The anime has yet to even introduce Asuka yet, and she does not appear for a few more episodes.

-Ein goes to an Empire controlled prison with a few of his bounty hunter buddies, intending to free Hazu and Gill. But one of his friends betrays him, threatening to kill Asuka unless he stands down. This plot will be used in a future episode, but the betrayal element of it is dropped completely. Kenshiro turns up to save Asuka and Ein. Ein takes Ken into the prison, saying there are two prisoners there he caught -Hazu and Gill. When they find them, Kenshiro breaks apart the concrete block they are stuck in immediately. Hazu and Gill realise who he is from the scars on his chest. Ein explains how he caught them: they were beaten up by a man called Falco, he just brought them in afterwards. In the anime, all of this was changed so Bat is the one who finds Hazu and Gill, and there is never any mention of Ein being the one who imprisoned them.

-The reason why Solia has an eyepatch is never explained in the anime, but in the manga, he reveals it was Falco who did it during a sparring battle.

-Kenshiro tries to kick Solia in the manga, but Solia blocks it and blasts Ken back. This does not happen in the anime.

-Solia's left arm is destroyed in the manga, for the anime, it was changed to it being the right one.


-Hazu is known as Buzz in some versions of the manga. In the initial print, he was called Hazu, but this was an error and he was always intended to be called Buzz. The error was fixed in later re-released versions of the manga, but clearly the writers for the anime had only got his first name at the time.

-Does anyone else find it slightly wrong that the village elder is creating an image of Yuda? You know, the guy who killed Mamiya's parents then took her back to his place to make her his sex slave?

-The village elder is voiced by Kōhei Miyauchi in this episode. In his previous appearances, he was voiced by Kinpei Azusa.


-Solia's mouth doesn't move when he says the Celestial Emperor is angry.

-When Ken sees Mamiya, he says that she said she had given up being a warrior. Um, no Ken, she didn't! She said to him that she'd continue being the leader of her village before he left her village. In the manga, however, she did tell him this.

-When Solia hits the ground, he has both of his arms instead of just one.

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