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The Mysterious Bounty Hunter, Ein! Kenshiro's Head is Mine!!
-From Rage Quitter 87's Fist of the North Star site

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The bounty for Kenshiro is raised, and Ein wants to claim it.
Original broadcast date: April 2nd 1987

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2) In the manga...
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At the North Star Army base, Kenshiro reveals that Yuria has died. Ken gives Lin a pearl necklace that belonged to Yuria, and tells her to live on. Meanwhile, Ein the bounty hunter returns to a village ran by Geira, to claim his reward on a couple of bounties he captured. He finds out about Kenshiro, and how there is a huge reward on offer for bringing him in. Ein wants it, and finds that he doesn't have to go far, as Kenshiro has come to him.

The two start to fight, but Ein's Kenka Kenpo (Brawling Martial Arts) is useless against Ken, who defeats Ein with a few slaps. Ken lets Ein live when he finds out that he has a woman, and instead goes on to find Geira. Ein is determined to still claim the bounty on Kenshiro though. Meanwhile, Geira is confronted by Kenshiro, and tries to use hypnosis on him. A few seconds later outside, everyone can hear Geira's screams. Ein calls him an idiot and then says bye to Bat and Lin -maybe he'll see them around again.

Geira is easily defeated and explodes. As Ein heads away, he's somewhat O.K. with Geira's death as it means Kenshiro's bounty will now be even higher. He is determined to claim it.

In the manga...

-The flashback with Yuria wasn't in the manga.

-The guy who reports to Bat and Lin near the start of the episode isn't in the manga.

-The scene with Jakoh in this episode was not in the manga.

-Ein's design is different in the manga. He has dark hair, and wears gloves. In the color version of the manga, Ein's colors are also quite different to what he has in the anime.

-In the manga, Geira is bald, but he has blue hair in the anime. He seems to be even fatter in the manga.

-Ein doesn't say goodbye to Bat and Lin in the manga, whilst he does in the anime.

-When Ein leaves in the manga, he doesn't get that far when he sees someone who tells him something terrible has happened -his village is being attacked by bandits. There is then an additional scene where Ein races home, just in time to save his woman and kill the bad guys. Ein then heads back out with her and comes across Kenshiro and the North Star Army, who see him with her for the first time. This doesn't happen in the anime. Actually, this marks the start of where the manga and anime go in different directions -the next part of the manga involves Ein in danger when his woman is captured, whilst the anime decides to introduce characters of a martial art called Gento Kouken.


-The preview of this episode (shown at the end of the previous one) has a slightly different shot of Ein -there is no prisoner near the bottom right of the shot.

-Bazori's voice actor, Banjō Ginga, previously voiced Souther.

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