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The Savior Comes From the North!!
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Kenshiro is finally reunited with Bat and Lin.
Original broadcast date: March 26th 1987

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Kenshiro finds what is meant to be his own grave, and Zoruba and Zaruji soon appear, believing him to be another fool looking for the successor to Hokuto Shinken. They do not realise they are talking to Kenshiro until a few seconds before they are killed by him. Kenshiro starts to go to various areas owned by the Celestial Emperor, and killing the forces of them. Elsewhere, Bat and Lin have entered a village owned by the Emperor, and plan to take it back. But that plan is put on hold when Bask, one of the Emperor's commanders, puts together a plan: he is going to have a woman killed, pretending she is Lin. Bat and Lin are going to reveal themselves to Bask, but Rihaku tells them to stop, as there is someone here who will help them.

That someone is Kenshiro, who rides out on Kokuoh. Bask has no idea who he is dealing with and uses his special technique, Kazan Gokuaku So (Huashan Prison Clenching Claw), but this fails to hurt Kenshiro in anyway. Bask is killed soon afterwards, with his body being split in two.

Ken turns around and sees Bat, Lin and Rihaku for the first time in years. Lin shows Kenshiro some of the scars Bat has got from protecting her, and Ken tells him that he has now become a real man. Bat and Lin start to cry as they are finally reunited with their old friend. As Rihaku watches, he states that there is now hope for the future.

In the manga...

-The opening scene where Ken kills Zoruba and Zaruji was not in the manga, as Zoruba and Zaruji never appeared in the manga in the first place.

-The scene where Kenshiro is attacking guards at a base is only mentioned in the manga, whilst it is actually shown in the anime.

-The scene with Jakoh in this episode was never in the manga.

-The man Barona mistakes for Bat is killed in the manga, as one of the spiked spheres goes into his face. This doesn't happen in the anime.

-Kenshiro dismounts from Kokuoh before fighting Barona in the manga, in the anime, it is the other way around.


-Kokuoh is apparently now blind in his left eye, no explanation is ever given to how this happened.

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