Kenshiro has found something: what is meant to be his own grave. As he kneels down before it he then hears some sinister laughing: Zoruba and Zaruji are here and welcome who they think is yet another person to come here to confirm if Kenshiro really is dead.

They tell the stranger that Kenshiro is gone and will never return, but they don't like it when people come looking for him and they strike out. Their scythes hit the grave however and destroy it. Turning around, they attack the man again but he grabs them by their heads and starts to crush them. The two finally work out that this man is actually Kenshiro about a second before their heads explode. Having not said a word, Kenshiro walks away from the broken grave.

Kenshiro is going around attacking various bases of the Celestial Emperor -the troops there think the North Star Army is attacking them but really, it is just one person. When they see this they think they can win easily...

...but Kenshiro's mastery of pressure points means he can take them all out with ease. At the base of the North Star Army, Rihaku suddenly awakens, saying that his blood is boiling and that he thinks something is going to happen soon. Two men report that nothing out of the ordinary has happened, but someone found some horse-like tracks in a nearby desert, although they appear to be too big to be a horse. Of course, Rihaku knows what this means.

At the main fortress of the Emperor, Jakoh finds out that yet another one of their bases has been destroyed. He thinks the North Star Army must have done it, but the troop reporting says that it seemed to have been done by just one man. This makes Jakoh very nervous and suddenly he screams that it is too dark in here, demanding more light immediately.

The next morning, Bat and Lin are in disguise, having a look round a town. The place is controlled by the Celestial Emperor, so they could do with trying to reclaim it. They then overhear someone say that a lot of people have come from across the desert, so the towns folk go and take a look. They see that some of the Emperor's troops from their village are trying to get the new arrivals to go away and to return to their own village, but they can't seem to do it. And the people seem half dead, almost zombie like.

One of the troops sees a soldier in the crowd, and tries to find out what happened to the area he came from. He is told that his area has been destroyed, by just one man. Bat and Lin hear this, and wonder if it could be him...meanwhile, elsewhere in the town...

One of the troops reports to Bask, the commander of this area. He already knows that various places have been destroyed, reportedly by one man, but his place will be different. For as long as Bask is alive, his area will not be harmed.

Bask rapidly stabs at the troop, but his strikes miss him and break apart the statue he was standing in front of. Another troop then runs into the room and says that Barona has managed to capture Bat and Lin!

Outside, the giant Barona really has caught them, which he is happy about as the reward on offer is huge. However he then finds out that he hasn't got the right people! Which really ticks him off as that means he won't get anything.

Barona takes his anger out on the woman by kicking her across the street, when Bask appears and asks what is going on. He sees that Baron has goofed up again, but tells him not to worry: he has a great plan. They will execute this woman anyway and state that she really is Lin.

At a coliseum, the execution is about to take place. Barona is going to be the one to do it and yells out that the woman they have captured is Lin, one of the leaders of the North Star Army. The real Bat and Lin arrive in the coliseum and find out what is going on, and they can't believe it. This is all part of Bask's plan: they will keep killing innocent people to make the North Star rebellion look bad and to show everyone else that anyone who goes up against the Celestial Emperor will die.

The execution is about to begin and with no time left, Bat and Lin decide to go out and save the woman. One man tells them to wait as they will just throw away their own lives, the place is full of troops and Bask is a powerful fighter himself. Bat refuses, saying that the moment he took up being the leader of the North Star Army was the moment he gave up his own life anyway. Lin says that she will also give her life on the battlefield, she doesn't want the other woman to die in her name.

A voice of reason that the two will listen to however is Rihaku, who appears just in time to stop them both from running out. He says that they don't need to worry, that woman will be saved. There is only one man who can do it and they all know who he is. And suddenly the execution stops when a guard stumbles out of the entrance tunnel and explodes! More troops rush in to find out what happened...

...and after some screaming, the only thing to exit the tunnel is Kenshiro, riding on Kokuoh. Bat, Lin and Rihaku can't quite believe it, but it seems the savior has finally returned to them. Bask's troops have no idea who he is however, and attack.

But when Kenshiro crushes a guy's spear with just one of his hands, they decide to hang back. Kenshiro rides up to Bask, who just knows that this man must be the one who's been going around destroying their bases. He gets angry and is going to fight him...

...but Barona would like a go first. After Ken tells him that his breath stinks he gets mad and charges, so Ken just hits him in the neck with a punch so powerful Baron becomes stuck in the ground, upside down.

Ken gets off his steed, the other troops run away in fear. Bask, however, does not budge and wants to know who he is. Ken tells him there is no point revealing his own name to him as he won't live long enough to tell anyone about it. Bask becomes infuriated and says he isn't on the same level as Barona, as he performs one of his special techniques!


(Huashan Prison Clenching Claw)

Kenshiro avoids the attack at the last moment, but Bask demonstrates it anyway, as he grabs part of a wall and starts spinning around, ripping the wall apart. Kenshiro at least calls it an "interesting" trick and tells Bask to do it again, even letting it hit him this time...

...but as Bask tries his technique again, he realises that hit isn't working -he can't spin. Kenshiro can spin him however, and starts to do so rapidly.

Bask is tossed up into the air, and Kenshiro starts to punch him repeatedly as he falls. Bask is killed when his body gets split into two and with him out of the way, the towns people rise up and start to fight the remaining troops, wanting to reclaim their town back from the Emperor.

Ken turns around and sees three people looking at him: Bat, Lin and Rihaku. Bat tells Lin to go first, but she says he should. Lin then makes Bat show Kenshiro his wounds, wounds he got from protecting her.

Kenshiro tells Bat that he now has now become a real man. Bat and Lin start to cry as they are finally reunited with their old friend. As Rihaku watches, he states that there is now hope for the future.


Bat and Lin may have been reunited with Kenshiro, but someone else now has an interest in the successor to Hokuto Shinken. Find out who it is in "The Mysterious Bounty Hunter, Ein! Kenshiro's Head is Mine!!"

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