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When will he awaken...!?
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The successor to Hokuto Shinken returns.
Original broadcast date: March 19th 1987

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Haru, the boy seen at the end of the previous episode, has taken the stranger back to a bar. Some troops of the Emperor walk into the bar, led by a man called Geld. Geld is hunting down people who have rebelled against the Emperor, and kills a man who was a member of the Red Dragon resistance. As he leaves, he notices the stranger and thinks he may have seen him before, possibly even being a wanted man. But after he kicks the man and gets no response, he decides he is a nobody after all.

Haru goes home to tell his father, Murahi, about what happened. Murahi is a member of the Red Dragon, and Haru says that they should get out of here now. But as Haru looks for transport, Murahi knows he is very sick and doesn't think running away will be worth it. Instead, he looks for Geld and challenges him, but is fatally wounded. Haru finds him, and is told to be strong, as the legendary Kenshiro would be. Later on, Haru assists the remaining Red Dragons in attacking Geld's fortress, but the battle goes badly.

However, the stranger appears and removes his cloak, revealing himself to be Kenshiro! The tide of battle is soon turned as Kenshiro obliterates anyone who tries to fight him, including Geld. Before he leaves, Kenshiro tells Haru to never forget his father's last words to him.

In the manga...

-This episode is filler and does not happen in the manga. Is is worth noting that the new outfit Kenshiro has in this episode is much like the one he has in the manga (and is also the same as the one as he had in the 1986 movie).


-Geld's voice actor, Yūsaku Yara, has previously voiced some other minor characters, such as Dagar and Wolf.


-One of the guys Geld kills has a beard and then doesn't have a beard between shots.

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