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The Celestial Emperor's rage! Falco, Obliterate the North Star from Earth!!
-From Rage Quitter 87's Fist of the North Star site

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The strongest Gento Kouken master, Falco, attacks the North Star Army.
Original broadcast date: April 23rd 1987

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2) In the manga...
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Falco, the strongest Gento Kouken master, is sent out to confront the North Star Army. He and his own legion of troops move out, and are soon attacked. However, when Falco enters the battle, he easily defeats anyone who challenges him, and kills many of his enemies.

Having left Mamiya's village, Ken believes Bat and Lin may be in danger and heads out to find them, but is confronted by another Gento Kouken master, this time of the red light. However, as they battle, Ken realises that his opponent has no intention to kill him and wonders why. After kicking him down and breaking his helmet, he knows who it is: Shoki, a man who let him and Yuria stay in his peaceful village a few years a go. Shoki gives up trying to fight and lets Kenshiro pass, telling his troops that he will take full responsibility if Jakoh gets angry with them.

Meanwhile, Falco has beaten the North Star Army, and says he will only kill one more person: the leader. Bat is willing to die, but Falco doesn't believe he is the true leader when he accepts death so quickly and shows that he cares for others over himself. He instead spares Bat and sees Lin, seemingly recognizing her. But when he realises that she is the leader, he still intends to kill her -he has no mercy for anyone!

In the manga...

-Falco's scene at the start happens before Solia's debut in the manga, in the anime, it is the other way around.

-There is no fight scene shown between the North Star Army and Falco's troops in the manga -the North Star Army have already been defeated.

-The scene with Rihaku does not happen until slightly later in the manga.

-In the manga, the army Kenshiro sees is led by Solia. For the anime, Shoki is the one leading it, as Solia is already dead.

-The above point also means that Shoki is introduced earlier in the anime then he is in the manga.

-Shoki is not a Gento Kouken master in the manga. For the anime, it was changed so he was a master of it, known as the red light. Because of this, Shoki does not appear until later in the manga, and the scene where he fights Kenshiro was never in the manga.


-There was a two week gap between this episode and the previous one airing during the original broadcast. Usually, new episodes were once per week.

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