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Farewell, the 2 Brothers of the North Star! They're Beyond Love and Sorrow!!
-From Rage Quitter 87's Fist of the North Star site

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The final battle between Kenshiro and Raoh concludes.
Original broadcast date: February 26th 1987

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Kenshiro and Raoh land their final strikes on each other, but Kenshiro avoids Raoh's move and hits him in his chest. He hits one of his pressure points, and it is enough to defeat him. Raoh falls to his knees, not understanding how this happened, as he put all of his soul into his attack. Ken tells him that his heart is all alone, but in his own heart his feelings for both Raoh and Yuria live on. This is where Kenshiro's strength comes from and what gave him an advantage over Raoh. As Raoh wonders about his words, he suddenly feels great pain as the effect of his hit pressure point begin to start. Not far away, Rihaku and the others can see the big dipper in the sky and see how bright is is now. Rihaku has realised something and says that even he could not read Raoh or his sorrowful heart...

When Raoh seemingly killed Yuria, it turns out that he did not strike her straight away -just before he was going to hit her, she suddenly coughed up blood. Raoh found out that Yuria was sick, and has the same disease Toki had. Yuria told him that if her death could bring light to the world, then he should still kill her. However, after hearing her words, Raoh could not bring himself to kill her, and decided to bear his love to her forever. Raoh still hit Yuria, but he did not kill her. Back in the present, Raoh goes to punch Kenshiro, but stops his fists. He knows that Kenshiro has realized he no longer has the power to fight him and win. Raoh understands now why Kenshiro is so strong...he fought alongside all of those irreplaceable friends, he has seen the line between life and death.

Raoh puts his hands on Ken's head, as he wants to see the face of the man who defeated him. He praises Kenshiro for what he has accomplished. Yuria then wakes up. When Bat and Lin see that she is alive, they call out to Ken to tell him the good news. Ken is surprised but Raoh tells him to go and, at long last, Kenshiro and Yuria are finally reunited. Raoh reveals that he hit a pressure point on Yuria that will let her live for several more years, rather than months, and she should live in peace with Kenshiro for the rest of her life. Ken knows that Raoh gave Yuria some of his own touki to do this, but Raoh says nothing on that subject and instead bids farewell to him, saying that he will return to the heavens, where Toki awaits him.

Raoh hits pressure points on himself and yells that he has had no regrets in his life. He seemingly punches the heavens, causing a new light to spread across the world. Later on, Kenshiro, Yuria, Bat and Lin have gone to the graves of Raoh and Toki. Kenshiro wonders that he may have lost if Raoh had not given Yuria some of his touki. Yuria doesn't agree with this. She says that terror was the only way to rule the violent wasteland, but ruling by terror does not bring peace. Raoh must have wanted to be defeated by someone who possessed love and that one day he wanted pure light to pour over the wastelands. Kenshiro says that Raoh was his greatest friend. Kenshiro picks Yuria up and says that Raoh can now rest in peace with Toki. Whilst he, Kenshiro, will live on as the successor to Hokuto Shinken. Kenshiro and Yuria get on Kokuoh and leave, and Lin tells Bat that they promised not to follow them. They must let them live their lives out in peace now, but as Ken goes, Lin is sure that, one day, he will return!

In the manga...

-This episode pretty much follows the manga exactly.


-The first few minutes of this episode are the same as the last few of the previous one, but with new animation.

-In one of the crowd shots near the end, Amiba, or a guy with Amiba's character model, make a cameo. (The guy on the left.)

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