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Showdown at the Hokuto Renkitouza! No One Can Stop Them Now!!
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The final battle between Kenshiro and Raoh begins.
Original broadcast date: February 19th 1987

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The fight between Ken and Raoh begins, but as Raoh tries to punch his opponent, his attack misses due to Kenshiro using Musou Tensei. Ken says that his move will be the finishing strike, only for Raoh to avoid it by also using Musou Tensei! He has learnt the technique, and says that he also has a heart filled with grief. He points to a statue, which is holding Yuria.

Raoh destroys part of the statue, but Ken catches Yuria and leaves her with Bat and Lin, who recently arrived at the Hokuto Renkitouza. Elsewhere, Rihaku and his troops observe Raoh's forces, who are throwing away their weapons and being reunited with their loved ones. A bright light then shines on them and they look up to see the big dipper in the sky. Rihaku says that the final battle has begun, and they will go out to witness it. Meanwhile, the battle between Kenshiro and Raoh continues, as they both use many different techniques against each other.

They both use Musou Tensei against each other at the same time, and rip up the ground as well as each other. Raoh sees that as they are both masters of the Musou Tensei, other techniques are now useless and will not work! Therefore it is a contest of brute strength. Bat sees that the two fighters don't even seem to be bothering to block attacks against them and neither are showing signs of hatred. But Lin says that they seem to be becoming transparent and as she watches, she sees the younger Kenshiro and Raoh fighting. Raoh and Kenshiro think back to when they first met Yuria. Rihaku took her to the Hokuto Shinken dojo, telling Ryuken that she has not shown any emotion, or even talked, since she was even born. She then saw Raoh beating up Kenshiro, and it caused her to drop her ball.

Kenshiro picked it up and gave it back to her, and she smiled. Ryuken had seen that whilst Roah drew her out, it was Kenshiro who opened her heart. But if their are two North Stars, there will surely be a battle between them that will divide the heavens. Back in the present, Raoh unleashes his touki, but Kenshiro steps forward and makes Raoh's touki retreat. Ken tells him that it has come to an end, the next blow will be the end of their battle. Both he and Toki had a great respect for Raoh, the eldest brother of Hokuto. Raoh waits for a few more seconds, but then says that if it has come to this, then very well. He tells Kenshiro to take this fist of all of his soul. Raoh's touki suddenly disappears. There is nothing but silence for a few seconds, and Lin tells both of them to stop fighting, but as she says this, Raoh goes into a stance. Ken watches as Raoh starts to perform his final strike, as he does the same. The outcome of their final battle shall soon be decided!

In the manga...

-In the manga, after Raoh breaks the statue holding Yuria, there is a flashback scene, showing him hitting her. In the anime, this scene was used early, in the previous episode.

-Yuria's dress is more revealing in the manga.

-The scene were Bat and Lin arrive at the to the Hokuto Renkitouza on a bike was not in the manga, since they travel with Ken on Kokuoh instead.

-Rihaku and some of his troops do not go to the battle in the manga. They do in the anime.

-The fight between Kenshiro and Raoh goes on for much longer before they use Musou Tensei on each other in the anime.

-The flashback with young Ken, Raoh and Yuria happens before Ken and Raoh use Musou Tensei on each other in the manga, in the anime, it happens after.

-In the manga, there is another flashback scene with Ken, Bat and Lin, where the three of them are on the way to the Hokuto Renkitouza on Kokuoh. Bat asks Ken how he will fight Raoh, and Ken says that he will not constantly look at Raoh, as he may not win if he does that. He wants to bring out his touki, observe it, then use Musou Tensei to beat him. This is why Ken looks at Raoh's touki rather than him. This scene does not appear in the anime, because Bat and Lin do not travel to the Hokuto Renkitouza with Ken.


-When Kenshiro and Raoh start to fight, the song "Ai Ha Oni" beings to play, which is sung by Yuriko Yamamoto. Yuriko voices Yuria.


-How do Bat and Lin know where Kenshiro and Raoh are fighting?

-When Raoh gets up after the Musou Tensei clash, part of his belt flashes gray repeatedly.

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