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A Challenge From the Demon! Fudo, Be the Demon for Those You Love!!
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Fudo begins his fight with Raoh.
Original broadcast date: January 22nd 1987

1) Synopsis
2) In the manga...


Since Raoh will kill the children if he does not fight, Fudo tells Raoh to follow him as he goes to collect his armor. Raoh thinks back to when Fudo, who used to be known as "Fudo the Demon", entered the Hokuto Shinken dojo and killed several students, just because he wanted any treasure he could find. Raoh saw him but did not attack, and he feared Fudo.

As Fudo walks on, he remembers what changed him. Many years a go, he was running riot in another town when he saw a building which looked like it had something valuable inside it, but just before he could open the doors, a young girl got in his way. Her name was Yuria, and she refused to move, even when Fudo came close to hitting her. Fudo eventually got the doors open, only to find that Yuria was just protecting a dog, who had recently given birth to several puppies.

Meanwhile Kenshiro arrives at one of Raoh's fortresses, only to find out from a guard that Raoh has gone to Fudo's village. Meanwhile Yuria has been taken to a different fortress, and he doesn't know which one. Back at the village, Fudo has started to fight Raoh, but is losing. Raoh plunges his fists into Fudo's chest, but Fudo manages to grab Raoh and starts to crush him. However, Raoh says that this is the end and does what could be a final, fatal strike.

In the manga...

-The students who surrender die in the manga -Fudo crushes them. In the anime, he doesn't do this, so they survive.

-The conversation between Ryuken and Fudo is different in the manga. In the manga, Fudo says he knows nothing about life, as he never knew his mother or father. In the anime, they changed it so Fudo gives a different answer, where he says life is about infestation, with everyone being a maggot. Ryuken does not call Fudo pitiful in the manga, whilst he does in the anime.

-Rihaku is not present at the battle between Fudo and Raoh in the manga, whilst he is in the anime.

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