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Raoh, the Confused Giant! I Don't Believe in Love!!
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As Kenshiro seeks out Raoh, Raoh seeks out Fudo.
Original broadcast date: January 15th 1987

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Raoh wakes up from a nightmare he was having where Kenshiro defeated him. He sees that Yuria is in the room with him, along with one of his servants, Usa. Usa explains that when he came back here, Raoh had collapsed, but Yuria saw to his injuries. She hasn't had a change of heart as she says she is still waiting for Kenshiro. She asks why Raoh is still fighting, he has already lost, he's just a lonely and weary fighter now. She then walks off but Usa makes fun of the situation by saying that Yuria has a thing for him, and he wishes he could be in Raoh's shoes right now. Raoh was already angry with what Yuria had said, but Usa's words only make his mood worse, and he kills him. Meanwhile, Kenshiro is searching for Raoh and is attacked by a biker gang. He defeats them with Rek Kyaku Kubu, a technique of Nanto Hakurou Ken.

Ken defeats Jado, the leader of the group, and makes him reveal where Raoh went. Meanwhile, Raoh is thinking about something that happened a long time a go. He was having a sparring match with Kenshiro and demolishing him, but spared his life when he saw the defiant look in his eyes. Jagi wanted to know why Kenshiro's life was spared, as it would have been one less person trying to become the successor. Raoh told him that he can crush Kenshiro whenever he wants. Toki appeared and wondered if Raoh would be able to back up his claim in the future, as Kenshiro's spiritual energy was getting stronger and stronger. From each day to the next, Ken growed in strength and it was Raoh's doing. It even seemed that Raoh wanted Kenshiro to become stronger, just so he can fight him and win. Raoh maintained that no matter how strong Kenshiro got, he would never be able to defeat him.

Back in the present, Roah has realized what Toki told him seems to have become true. He still can't believe he has felt fear and the mere thought of Kenshiro is causing him to tremble now. Calming down, Raoh has only felt fear once before in his entire life...when that man came to the dojo. If he could find that man, he could see if his fear is real or not, and the only way for him to find that out is to take his life! A few hours later, Raoh arrives at Fudo's village, and tells Fudo that for him to become a demon, he must take the life of one.

In the manga...

-The scene at the very start with Rihaku and the surviving troops mourning the dead was not in the manga.

-The scene where Ken fights Jado and his gang does not happen until later in the manga.

-The flashback scene is not in the manga.

-The anime added a part where one of Fudo's troops gets killed when Raoh and his army arrive, the manga doesn't have this.


-The flashback scene again shows that there were actually several more students at the Hokuto Shinken dojo aside from Raoh, Toki, Jagi and Kenshiro. Obviously they would have failed and been thrown out at some point, as Kim was.

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