The battle is over and the losses have been great. At the Nanto capital, as the surviving troops are burning the remains of the fallen, Rihaku is thinking about what has happened. He has lost his daughter, Tou, who sacrificed herself to try and prevent Raoh from finding Yuria. But despite her and everyone else's efforts, Raoh has taken her. One of the troops then comes back and says that he has lost sight of Raoh, who fled from the capital in a hurry. Rihaku reckons that he cannot be that far away, as even though Raoh got away with Yuria, he had been injured from his fall and battle with Kenshiro. Rihaku swears he will get Yuria back.

Meanwhile Raoh has arrived at one of his fortresses and wakes up from a nightmare of Kenshiro beating him. He senses others in the room and tells them to show themselves, so out comes Usa, a small man who laughs a lot in a sinister manner. Usa says that Raoh's battle must have been intense as he collapsed as soon as he arrived here. However, Usa didn't tend to Raoh's wounds, as he reveals that Yuria was the one responsible for that.

She hasn't had a change of heart as she says she is still waiting for Kenshiro. She asks why Raoh is still fighting, he has already lost, he's just a lonely and weary fighter now. She then walks off, but Usa makes fun of the situation by saying that Yuria has a thing for him and he wishes he could be in Raoh's shoes right now. Raoh was already angry with what Yuria had said, but Usa's words only make his mood worse.

Maybe he shouldn't have made a guy with a fist bigger than his entire body angry, but it's too late as Raoh destroys him. Raoh is very displeased as it is the greatest insult for a man to be pitied by the woman he loves! Standing outside, Raoh abandons the name of Ken-Oh and declares that he will become a demon who will drown Kenshiro in a sea of blood.

Kenshiro has set off to find Raoh, even though he still cannot see yet. He hears something in the distance and suddenly some bikers appear. They are another one of Ken-Oh's groups and are led by Jado, the biggest guy on the pink bike. Since Kenshiro can't see they all believe they have a huge advantage and Jado orders his men to rev up their bikes so they make lots of noise, meaning Ken won't be able to hear, either.

Ken thinks about his friend, Shuu, and asks for him to revive within his soul. The bikers attack, but Kenshiro avoids their weapons with little effort.

The other bikers all charge together, but Kenshiro continues to use Shuu's style to his advantage and kills them all. Jado is the only one left and rams his head into Kenshiro's arm.

But it isn't enough as Ken punches him in the face. Hitting one of his pressure points, he forces Jado to reveal where Raoh is, and he finds out that his enemy is heading north. Ken walks away and tells him not to move until he has finished repenting for his sins, or he will die. Jado doesn't believe him though and forces his body to move so he can get back up, but this turns out to be unwise.

Up on a balcony by herself, Yuria holds the bandage that Kenshiro left for her and thinks about what she said earlier: she must wait for Kenshiro to finish his fight. Meanwhile, Raoh's victory is still an empty one. He may have Yuria, but he feels like he lost to could this have happened? How could he, the eldest of the Hokuto successors, lose to the youngest?

Thinking back to before the war, Raoh remembers his time at the Hokuto Shinken dojo. We see that during a sparring match, Raoh's tremendous power was far too much for Kenshiro to cope with. As Roah continued to pummel Ken, Jagi was totally happy and told Raoh to keep beating him up, and hit him so hard he wouldn't be able to stand again.

Toki was also watching, seemingly unimpressed with his brother's actions. Raoh was about to land a final strike, but Ken struck him before he could do his move. Raoh laughed and then started another technique...

...which battered Kenshiro and sent him into a wall. Jagi threw some water over Ken's head before telling him to give up trying to become the successor to Hokuto Shinken, he wasn't even in the same class as Raoh. However, Kenshiro got back up, and was ready to resume the fight.

But he still couldn't beat Raoh, who punched him in the face. It looked like Raoh was going to finish Kenshiro off, but as he was about to land the last punch he noticed the look in Kenshiro's face and stopped.

Saying that would do for today, he let Kenshiro live as some people carried him away. Jagi wanted to know why Ken's life was spared, as it would have been one less person trying to become the successor. Raoh told him that he can crush Kenshiro whenever he wants. Toki appeared and wonders if Raoh will be able to back up his claim in the future, as Kenshiro's spiritual energy was getting stronger and stronger. From each day to the next, Ken grows in strength and it was Raoh's doing. It even seemed that Raoh wanted Kenshiro to become stronger just so he can fight him and win. Raoh maintained that no matter how strong Kenshiro gets, he will never be able to defeat him.

Back in the present, Raoh smashes apart a statue, it seems Toki's words were right. He still can't believe he has felt fear and the mere thought of Kenshiro is causing him to tremble now. Calming down, Raoh has only felt fear once before in his entire life...when that man came to the dojo. If he could find that man, he could see if his fear is real or not, and the only way for him to find that out is to take his life! In control of himself once more, Raoh knows what he must do.

At the Nanto capital, everyone has noticed that the clouds have begun to move very fast. Rihaku sees this as a signal: Raoh is on the move, what could he be up to? Meanwhile, at Fudo's village, Fudo can't believe that Ken-Oh has captured Yuria. Two of Rihaku's men have been sent down to fill him in on the details, and they also tell him what Ken is up to and the injury he has suffered. They also ask Fudo for him to help them once more so they can save Yuria.

Fudo isn't sure what to do because if he has to go and fight again, he'll have to leave his children behind once more. But the kids want him to go and they bring him some of his armor. Fudo thanks them and says that he will go, but will return as soon as he can. However they hear something above and everyone looks up to see that Ken-Oh's army is here!

Raoh has come to do one thing: take Fudo's life! To become a demon, he must first take the blood of one. And whilst Fudo may be loved by all now, no matter how hard he tries to hide it, he used to be a demon! Raoh clearly knows something about Fudo that we don't.


Fudo Vs. Raoh! But was is the mountain's secret? Find out in "A Challenge From the Demon! Fudo, Be the Demon for Those You Love!!"

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