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Will Raoh's Ambitions Perish With His Fall? The Heavens Are Still in Disarray!!
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Kenshiro and Raoh's fight concludes, but not in the way anyone expected.
Original broadcast date: January 8th 1987

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Raoh suddenly sees that he is shaking -he can't believe this, as he cannot feel fear, but whilst there is no fear in his heart, his body does feel it. He thinks back to the time where Kim, a Hokuto Shinken student who was thrown out by Ryuken, was shown pity by Kenshiro as he left. Raoh thought Kenshiro's actions were stupid, but Toki did not. He told Raoh that Kenshiro may actually become the strongest of them all, if he can turn his sadness into power. Raoh had laughed at this and called his brother an idiot.

But now it seems that Kenshiro's way of life may have made him stronger than Raoh. Raoh tries his own ultimate technique, Tenshou Honretsu (Heaven's Command Charge) but this fails to kill Kenshiro. Preparing himself for death, Raoh is determined to at least kill Kenshiro also, but just before the two can strike each other, Raoh accidentally activates another of Rihaku's traps. Rihaku gets Kenshiro out of the way in time as part of the room collapses and explodes, and Raoh falls a great distance.

However, he survives, and he finds that he is right next to Yuria! He takes her and leaves the Nanto capital on Kokuoh. Meanwhile, Kenshiro and Rihaku have also both survived, but Ken has become blind due to the injuries he got from when the room collapsed. He tells Rihaku that he is going to go and find Raoh. Walking out into the sunset alone, Ken just thinks about one thing: "Yuria..."

In the manga...

-This episode pretty much follows the manga exactly.


-During the original broadcast, there was a two week gap between this episode and the previous one. New episodes usually aired once per week.

-Kim's voice actor, Keiichi Nanba, previously voiced Shiva and Zion, and would return to the series to voice Bat in Hokuto no Ken 2.

-This episode reveals that Roah, Toki, Jagi and Kenshiro weren't the only ones Ryuken trained -there was also Kim, who didn't last long it seemed. Later episodes reveal there were even more students.

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