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Fudo, the Gentle Warrior! His Tears Awaken a Fiery Soul!!
-From Rage Quitter 87's Fist of the North Star site

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The fight between Fudo and Raoh concludes.
Original broadcast date: January 29th 1987

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2) In the manga...
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Raoh continues to batter Fudo, but he doesn't kill him. He still manages to get up as his children surround him. At first he isn't pleased that they are watching his battle, but they tell him that they aren't scared and are with him all the way. They then cause a blockade, telling Raoh that they aren't scared of him and he should go away. Raoh realizes that even these children aren't afraid of him. Fudo is proud of his children for defending him and says that their pleas will give him the final strength he needs to continue fighting against Raoh. Elsewhere, Ken runs back to Fudo's village, but encounters a group of monks who apparently need to defeat him. Ken defeats them, but spares their lives.

Raoh continues to pummel Fudo, but Fudo gets up again. Fudo says that as long as there is a drip of blood in his body he will continue to fight. Raoh is amused, only to be told that he will never understand anything and he should take a look around. Raoh then sees that the children have picked up sticks and stones and are ready to fight against him if they must. Fudo says that it is the pure hearts of these children that drive him forward -can Raoh see it in their eyes? Raoh has seen it before, when he battled with Kenshiro! As Raoh realises this Fudo charges. Raoh quickly snaps out of it and raises his own fist to strike Fudo down, but as he does this a spear is launched! It plunges into Fudo's chest.

Raoh sees what he has done: retreated! How could he, Ken-Oh, do such a thing? Whilst he is now heavily injured, Fudo can still talk and says that Raoh saw Kenshiro in those children as well as seeing him in his fists. It caused fear to once more rise into Raoh and due to him being scared by this, he retreated. It is the end, he and Kenshiro have won! As long as fear is embedded into his body, he will never be able to defeat Kenshiro. Raoh goes back to his troops and starts to kill them, for failing to fire the arrows at him. Later on, Ken arrives in the village, and finds out what has happened. Fudo asks Ken, from now on, to embrace the children of this era, as a last favor to Fudo of the mountain. As Fudo dies, Kenshiro opens his eyes: he can see again.

In the manga...

-The scene with the monks was not in the manga.

-As Ken runs back to Fudo's village, the manga has him fighting Jado, leader of a biker gang. This scene was used earlier in the anime (episode 102).

-Ken can see again before Fudo dies in the manga, but in the anime, it is the other way around.


-No, I don't get the scene with the monks, either.

-The first few minutes of this episode show the same thing as the last few minutes of the previous one, but with different animation.

-Just after Fudo dies, a couple of clips from previous episodes are shown of him, with the song "Yuria Eien Ni" playing. (This song was used for the credits sequence of chapters 1-3.)

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