With Kokuoh now at the sidelines, the two fighters prepare themselves. Raoh says he no longer cares about conquering the heavens, he simply wishes to defeat Kenshiro. Once he does that, a new history will begin for the ultimate in human strength. Kenshiro says that he is the one who will be going down, and that as he is the only man who has broken the traditions of Hokuto Shinken, he must pay.

Raoh wants to smash him into dust and makes the first move with a punch, but as he is about to hit Ken, his opponent vanishes! Moving incredibly quickly, Kenshiro warps around Raoh and ends up behind him. Seemingly without making any physical contact, Ken is the one to make the first attack, as blood squirts out of Raoh's body.

Once again, Kenshiro has used the Musou Tensei technique to get an advantage over Raoh. The ultimate technique in the Hokuto Shinken style, Kenshiro has become a master of it and because of this, Raoh cannot beat him now. Wanting to end this fight as quickly as he can, Kenshiro yells that this is the final strike and lunges with a punch...but Raoh goes through him! The attack destroys nothing more than some of the ground.

Kenshiro sees that Raoh has also learnt the Musou Tensei! He explains that he has also had his heart filled with grief. He then points towards a statue, which is holding something in it's hand.

It's Yuria! As Ken stares in disbelief at seeing his girlfriend for the first time in so long, Bat and Lin arrive at the battleground, having taken a motorcycle. Kenshiro wants to know what Raoh has done to her.

Destroying the statue, Raoh says nothing as Yuria falls. Ken rushes over to catch her but her lifeless body doesn't move. Raoh finally speaks and explains that thanks to her giving him her life, it fueled his version of the Musou Tensei. She was the only woman he had ever wanted.

Remember when Raoh killed Yuria? Yes. (I should hope you do, since it only happened one episode a go.)

Putting Yuria down, Kenshiro says that his long journey will now come to an end and prepares to resume fighting Raoh. Meanwhile, many of Ken-Oh's soldiers have seen that their leader is not a good person to follow, and have changed sides. They throw their weapons into fires and explain to Rihaku that after they saw Yuria's actions, it was what caused them to see the error of their ways. But now, Yuria is gone.

Rihaku sees down below the families who are reunited. After all, many of Ken-Oh soldier's have not seen their loved ones for such a long time. Whilst Yuria may be gone, she will live on in their hearts. A bright light then shines on them and they look up to see the big dipper in the sky. Rihaku says that the final battle has begun, and they will go out to witness it.

Kenshiro and Raoh resume fighting. Their first attacks on each other cause the ground around them to shatter.

Raoh starts to use Musou Tensei, and moves in quickly to strike Kenshiro. But Kenshiro uses Musou Tensei to move out of the way, and avoid all of Raoh's strikes. The two revert to simple punches, narrowly avoiding each other's blows.

Raoh tries an overhead punch, but Ken blocks it, and once again the ground is shattered. The two fighters are of equal skill...

...with neither of them having a clear advantage over the other. Raoh says that he needs no light, all he seeks now is victory so he can become the strongest man in the world!

Using the Musou Tensei, they both rip up the ground and each other. Getting back up, Raoh sees that as they are both masters of the Musou Tensei, other techniques are now useless and will not work! Therefore it is a contest of brute strength.

The fight resumes once more, but it is Raoh who floors his opponent first with a powerful strike. Laughing, Raoh says he was the one who taught Kenshiro martial arts and that his blows are more powerful than any others.

Raoh thinks he should thank God for sending him such a strong opponent. He tells Kenshiro to come at him, and the two continue to exchange strikes.

Bat sees that the two fighters don't even seem to be bothering to block attacks against them, and neither are showing signs of hatred. But Lin says that they seem to be becoming transparent and as she watches, she sees the younger Kenshiro and Raoh fighting. Bat eventually sees them too, as Raoh and Kenshiro think back to when they first met Yuria.

At that time Kenshiro had not started training in Hokuto Shinken, and could not even enter the dojo. As he was fighting Raoh, Rihaku arrived with Yuria and met with Ryuken. He told Ryuken that Yuria is from the Nanto bloodline and would be one of the Nanto Roku Seiken, but there is a problem. She has not shown any emotion, or even talked, since she was even born. Rihaku thought that by bringing her here, the North and South could meet and perhaps something could happen. Just then Kenshiro was knocked into a wall.

Ryuken asked why Raoh is training Kenshiro. Raoh explains that he isn't training him, he's making sure he won't want to train in Hokuto Shinken by beating him up now. Those with no talent are banished from the dojo and in his view, Kenshiro has no talent and therefore should not even bother trying to learn. Raoh then saw Yuria and looked at her.

Yuria dropped her ball. Kenshiro got up and retrieved it for her, but as she looked into him, something happened. Rihaku and Ryuken saw that Yuria was smiling, she had emotions!

As Yuria smiled, Ryuken had seen that whilst Roah drew her out, it was Kenshiro who opened her heart. But if their are two North Stars, there will surely be a battle between them that will divide the heavens.

Back in the present, Raoh and Kenshiro both strike each other with such force that they both fall back.

As they stand, Raoh surrounds himself with energy -his touki (fighting spirit) which destroys some of the rocks on the ground that are in the way. As it continues to expand, Rihaku and a few troops arrive at the battle.

However, Kenshiro manages to enter Raoh's touki! It retreats as Kenshiro slowly moves forward. Bat sees that Kenshiro doesn't even seem to be looking at Raoh, just his touki.

Kenshiro continues to advance, getting closer and closer to Raoh. Raoh stares at him, but then notices something...

...Kenshiro is crying. Ken tells him that it has come to an end, the next blow will be the end of their battle. Both he and Toki had a great respect for Raoh, the eldest brother of Hokuto. Raoh waits for a few more seconds, but then says that if it has come to this, then very well. He will put all of his power into his fists.

Raoh tells Kenshiro to take this fist of all of his soul. Raoh's touki suddenly disappears. There is nothing but silence for a few seconds, and Lin tells both of them to stop fighting, but as she says this, Raoh goes into a stance.

Ken watches as Raoh starts to perform his final strike, as he does the same. The outcome of their final battle shall soon be decided!


The battle concludes in "Farewell, the 2 Brothers of the North Star! They're Beyond Love and Sorrow!!"

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