Lin thinks that both Kenshiro and Raoh will die if they keep fighting. Raoh surrounds himself with energy -it is his touki (fighting spirit). Kenshiro looks at Raoh, then looks at the touki heading towards him.

Kenshiro steps forward, and enters Raoh's touki.

Lin thinks that Ken is fighting together with Yuria, and that this battle will soon be over. Ken tells him that it has come to an end, the next blow will be the end of their battle. Both he and Toki had a great respect for Raoh, the eldest brother of Hokuto.

Raoh tells Kenshiro to take this fist of all of his soul. Raoh's touki suddenly disappears. There is nothing but silence for a few seconds, but then Raoh takes a stance and tells Kenshiro to perish in heaven! Kenshiro dashes towards Raoh.

Kenshiro is soon within striking distance of Raoh, and the two both use their final techniques.

Kenshiro sees through Raoh's attack and dodges it. Raoh tries to block Kenshiro's punch, but Kenshiro uses Musou Tensei. His fist goes straight through Raoh's hand, and into his chest!

He did it!

Raoh raises his arm to punch Kenshiro, but his fist bleeds heavily and he finds he can no longer even stand. He falls to his knees, not understanding how this happened, as he put all of his soul into his attack.

Kenshiro tells him that his heart is all alone, but in his own heart his feelings for both Raoh and Yuria live on. This is where Kenshiro's strength comes from and what gave him an advantage over Raoh. As Raoh wonders about his words, he suddenly feels great pain as the effect of his hit pressure point begin to start. His entire body bulges and then multiple ruptures leave a lot of blood everywhere, as he sees the spirit of Toki appear.

Toki tells him it is alright now, he can admit that he didn't abandon love and had it carved deep into his heart. Raoh refuses, saying that he would rather die than admit to that. Toki asks if Raoh is going to accept the star of death without him saying a word. Raoh hadn't even realised about that star, and looks up to see the big dipper and the small little star gleaming next to it -which foretells his death. Not far away, Rihaku and the others can see the big dipper in the sky and see how bright is is now. Rihaku has realised something and says that even he could not read Raoh or his sorrowful heart...

Raoh was about to strike Yuria. As he came centimeters from hitting her head to end her life, he suddenly stopped as Yuria coughed up blood. Raoh found out that Yuria was sick, and had a same fatal disease that Toki had!

Yuria admitted that she only had a few months left to live and found out about it not longer after Shin had taken her away. There is nothing she can do, so she would follow the heavens. When the star of the last General of Nanto moves, so does the Hokuto star. It causes the heavens to move too.

If her life could bring light to the end of the century, then so be it. She asked Raoh to end her life. However, after hearing her words, Raoh could not bring himself to kill her, and decided to bear his love to her forever. Raoh still hit Yuria, but...

...Rihaku somehow knows that Yuria must still be alive. Raoh has put her in a death-like state to help in halting her illness. Meanwhile, Raoh refuses to find this situation acceptable and still refuses to admit he has felt love. He is Raoh, he has no need for it!

After saying that this will be the way he meets his end, Raoh hits pressure points on his legs, which gives him the strength to stand once more. He begins to slowly move towards Kenshiro but Lin cries out to Ken, telling him to stop now, enough is enough. As her tears land on Yuria's face, her fingers suddenly move and Lin realises that she is still alive!

Raoh yells out that he is still equal in terms of power and skill with Kenshiro and moves towards him. He goes to punch Kenshiro, but Ken doesn't even move.

Raoh stops his fists in front of Kenshiro's face. He knows that Kenshiro has realized he does not have enough strength to fight him now. Raoh understands now why Kenshiro is so strong...he fought alongside all of those irreplaceable friends, he has seen the line between life and death.

But Raoh only knew one person he could consider a friend: his brother, Toki. Raoh puts his hands on Ken's head, as he wants to see the face of the man who defeated him. He praises Kenshiro for what he has accomplished.

Yuria then wakes up. When Bat and Lin see that she is alive, they call out to Ken to tell him the good news. Ken is surprised but Raoh tells him to go and, at long last, Kenshiro and Yuria are finally reunited. Yuria starts to say how long it has been, but finally...

Kenshiro nods in agreement, as Raoh says that Yuria will not die for a few years yet. He tells her to live her remaining life with Kenshiro in peace and happiness. Ken knows that Raoh gave Yuria some of his own touki to do this...

...but Raoh says nothing on that subject and instead bids farewell to him, saying that he will return to the heavens, where Toki awaits him. Telling Kenshiro to stay back and not show any pity on him now, Raoh says that he needs no help to return to the heavens. He suddenly starts to pulsate with a blue light.

"Of this life, I have not a single regret!"

Raoh is dead. As Kenshiro stares on, Rihaku and the others see that because of Kenshiro, Yuria and Raoh, the world has been basked in a new light.

The light signals the start of a new age and soon, with the fear of Ken-Oh gone, people no longer have to be miserable, as we see towns that are full of happy villagers with enough food and water for everyone, and people working together. Later on, Kenshiro, Yuria, Bat and Lin have gone to the graves of Raoh and Toki.

Kenshiro wonders that he may have lost if Raoh had not given Yuria some of his touki. Yuria doesn't agree with this. She says that terror was the only way to rule the violent wasteland, but ruling by terror does not bring peace. Raoh must have wanted to be defeated by someone who possessed love and that one day he wanted pure light to pour over the wastelands. Kenshiro says that Raoh was his greatest friend.

Kenshiro picks Yuria up and says that Raoh can now rest in peace with Toki. Whilst he, Kenshiro, will live on as the successor to Hokuto Shinken. It is time for them to go and Ken begins to walk away with the love of his life.

Kokuoh takes a last look at the grave of his former master before running after Ken. He and Yuria get on the horse and begin to ride away. Bat is about to chase after them but Lin stops him, reminding him that they promised they wouldn't follow where they went.

They must let them live their lives out in peace now, but as Ken goes, Lin is sure that, one day, he will return!

(The Final Chapter - The End)


Next time on Hokuto no Ken: "Conclusion of the Final Chapter: Now Revealed!! The 2000 Year History of the North Star!!"

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