The legendary art of assassination, Hokuto Shinken. It has been passed down to a single successor for 2,000 years. Master Ryuken, having no sons of his own, adopted four boys. There was Raoh, the eldest, Toki, the second, Jagi, the third and Kenshiro, the youngest.

(The Final Chapter - The End)

Hokuto Shinken! It is a powerful assassination art originating from China which has a 2,000 year history. The user must put all of his power into his moves to strike hidden "pressure points" on the opponent's body to completely destroy them. Ordinary people can only use 30% of their strength, but masters of Hokuto Shinken can unleash the other 70%. Ryuken was the previous successor of the art.

One day at the dojo, a young girl called Yuria was bought there by Rihaku. Yuria was mute...until she met Kenshiro and Raoh! Yes. Ryuken saw what was going on and believed that one day there would be a fight between Kenshiro and Raoh so grand it would divide the heavens.

Years later, trouble was afoot at the dojo. Ryuken had chosen Kenshiro to become the next successor to Hokuto Shinken! Jagi was worried because he'd heard that people who fail have their fists broken or their minds wiped. When Raoh found out about this he went to Ryuken and the two fought, but due to Ryuken's illness he was unable to defeat Raoh and killed. Yes. Meanwhile, as this was going on, Shin, the master of Nanto Seiken, entered the scene and challenged Kenshiro.

Shin defeated Kenshiro, gave him the seven scars on his chest, then took Yuria away! Yes. The nuclear war had left the Earth in a mess, violence now ruled and each day became a struggle for survival. Kenshiro, having recovered from his injuries, began on a journey to find Shin and Yuria. Yes.

Meeting and befriending two children on the way, Bat and Lin, Kenshiro traveled all over the place, fighting many of Shin's followers, as he closed in to where Shin was: the city of Southern Cross. The two fought but this time Kenshiro won. Shortly before he died, Shin revealed that Yuria had killed herself the day before! Yes. Kenshiro started on another journey where he had to fight more enemies, but made a few friends.

One of the first new friends he met was Rei, a master of Nanto Suicho Ken. But Rei fought Raoh and was critically injured by him. Yes. With just three days of life left, Rei fought against Yuda, the master of Nanto Koukaku Ken and defeated him. Yes. Yuda was evil but it turned out he was insanely jealous of Rei because he thought Rei was superior to him. He died in Rei's arms, and shortly after Rei also passed away. Yes.

Remember when Kenshiro met Shuu? Yes. Shuu was a master of Nanto Hakurou Ken, but he also died. Yes. Souther, the master of Nanto Ho'oh Ken, was responsible for his death and Kenshiro fought against him. Ken eventually won and Souther found his emotions and love again before he also died. Yes.

Shortly after Souther's death, Toki tried to kill Raoh but due to his illness, he failed and was defeated. Yes. Meanwhile, at the Nanto capital, the last Nanto General was revealed to be none other than Yuria! She had survived after all. Yes.

But then Raoh managed to take her. Yes. But it hadn't been a great day for Raoh otherwise because before he managed to get Yuria he was pretty much defeated by Kenshiro, who had learnt the Musou Tensei technique. No-one had mastered this before but it was because of the sadness Kenshiro has experienced through the deaths of his friends. Yes.

Kenshiro and Raoh had their last battle with Kenshiro emerging as the victor. Raoh understood now why Kenshiro was so strong...he fought alongside all of those irreplaceable friends, he has seen the line between life and death.

Kenshiro had met many friends on his journey, which was now finally at an end. Yuria was safe and alive for now, and she and Kenshiro were finally reunited. Raoh knew his time was up and wanted to return to the heavens. After saying he had no regrets, he punched upwards and restored light to the world before his passing. Yes.

Kenshiro paid his respects to Toki and Raoh before he and Yuria went away. The narrator explains that nobody knows where they went and they simply seemed to have disappeared. The last people to see them were Bat and Lin, who watched them ride away. Lin is sure, however, that one day, Kenshiro will return!



(Fist of the North Star 2)

Men fought and vanished beyond history! Time has moved on, and again in the midst of turmoil, a new legend of the North Star begins! Next time, on Hokuto no Ken 2: The Past has Gone! The Dawn of a New Age!!"

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