Kenshiro stands atop of a mountain, and in the distance he can see a castle in the middle of the desert with the bloody cross flag -it must be the place of where Shin is! He begins to think about both Shin and Yuria, and clenches his fist. At the castle, Yuria is playing a melody on her harp when Shin comes in applauding it, but she stops. She says that there is sadness in the melody just as there is in her heart, and he'll never understand. Seemingly not understanding/caring about her words, he tells her that they are leaving this place and moving to his newly constructed capital city -Southern Cross.

Southern Cross is a beautiful city that Shin says he has dedicated to Yuria, and her feelings about him will soon change. He then tells her that they will be departing immediately, so she must get ready. Meanwhile, Bat and Lin arrive at where Ken is and say that they want to help, but he tells them that this is his fight and that they are forbidden to go with him. They can't really argue as Ken walks towards the castle by himself. As he heads on, Ken thinks back to a year a go...

Kenshiro and Yuria are at the grave of Ken's master, paying their respects. Ken says that in these troubled times, they must work together and the two of them head towards a bike to start their new lives together. But before they can get onto the motorcycle, an axe is thrown through it and several punks have arrived on the scene. Ken demands to know who they are...

...but all becomes clear when Shin arrives. He says that it is a wonderful time to live in this world, as the strong can take whatever they want, and as he loves Yuria, he will be taking her. Yuria says that she'd rather die than hear that. Ken tells Shin to stop, so Shin uses his Nanto Seiken to cut Ken's face. Ken tells Shin to stop again and to remember what their master told them.

The Fists of the North and South Stars should be working together, and never fighting against each other. Shin says that he's already forgotten what that old fool said and destroys the grave marker. This finally gets a rise out of Ken and he asks if Shin has gone out of his mind. Shin just laughs and repeats that he will be taking Yuria as the two men square each other down. Shin then leaps high up into the air to perform a flying kick, and Kenshiro does the same.


(South Star Hell Murder Fist / North Star Flying Defensive Fist)

Both men land and turn around, but Shin smiles when he turns, whilst Kenshiro doesn't. And that is because about a second later Ken's knees and elbows start to bleed. He screams in pain before falling over. A triumphant Shin stands over him and says that Ken could never defeat him, as he does not have any ambition. Ambition is the key to Shin's strength as it is what gives him power, something Kenshiro does not have.

Kenshiro still denies Shin to take Yuria, but it isn't like he is in charge of what is going on anymore. Shin tells Yuria to say that she loves him. She keeps quiet, but Shin has his men get Ken up and then Shin pokes his finger at Ken...and it goes straight through his chest!

Shin tells Yuria that this is a Nanto Seiken execution technique, and he stabs Kenshiro twice more in the chest. He then tells her that only she can stop him from killing Ken by admitting her love to him, but she refuses. Shin decides to continue. Whilst one stab would kill a normal man, he wonders how many times it would take to kill Kenshiro. Ken tells Yuria to live on for his sake, whilst telling Shin to get on with it if he is going to kill him. Shin says he could never tolerate Kenshiro's existence anyway...

...and plunges his fingers into Ken's stomach, giving him a total of seven wounds. Yuria then tells Shin to stop it and says that she loves him. However, she says it quietly, so he is not convinced by her words at all, saying that she must do a lot better than that to make him believe her. He resumes stabbing into Kenshiro.

As Ken screams, Yuria shouts up that she loves Shin and will follow him forever. Shin removes his fingers and lets Ken drop to the ground. He finds it funny that the woman who just said she would rather die than be with him has now admitted that she will be with him forever, and mocks Ken by saying that a woman's heart can be a cruel thing. He then takes her away, stating that they will be going to paradise on Earth.

Kenshiro is badly wounded and unable to move. All he and Yuria can do is scream each others names, but neither of them can do a thing to stop from being taken away from each other.

Back in the present, Kenshiro makes it inside the castle and knows that he will settle the score with Shin soon. He soon finds some guards and demands that they take him to King, but they say he has to be kidding and attack. Kenshiro instantly hits back with the Hokuto Hyakuretsu Ken.

Kenshiro makes quite a mess out of all of them and then runs into a part of the castle which has a big spiral staircase. He calls out to Shin, telling him to show himself, but he instead hears a high pitched laugh.

Joker is sitting on the stair's railing and says that both Shin and Yuria have already left the castle and have gone on a journey. Outside the castle, Shin, his men and Yuria have departed and are heading to Southern Cross. Shin knows that Kenshiro is already inside the castle, but this time, he really will be going to hell.

Back inside the castle, Joker has some of the remaining soldiers attack, but Kenshiro gets all angry and shirtless and they all die in the usual horrible ways, thanks once again to the Hokuto Hyakuretsu Ken technique.

Joker points out that the floor seems to be wet and Kenshiro notices it just as Joker sends a flaming card in his direction. The liquid on the floor is kerosene and soon the entire castle is going up in flames. Joker escapes to the roof with Kenshiro right behind him. Ken gets up there and sees Joker just sitting on part of the wall.

Before he can make a move, Joker summons a giant eagle and teleports to it. The eagle takes Joker away from the castle, as Joker has a surprise for Kenshiro: their entire supply of kerosene is located in the basement of the castle. Ken can't go back the way he came as the route is on fire, so he leaps off the castle wall. Bat and Lin are still waiting and see the flames, so they decide to check it out and see if Ken is OK.

They search through the wreckage of the castle to the early hours of the morning and eventually, Kenshiro appears, having survived the explosions. He simply tells the kids that he is a man who crawled out of hell and it will take a lot more than this to kill him, and he also swears that he will get Yuria back.


Ken resumes his search for Shin, and he, Lin and Bat end up in Asis City. But things are not good as the evil "God's Army" is there and have orders to find the man with seven scars. Tune in next time for "Search Order from Satan. Find the Man with the Seven Scars!"

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