Club, Diamond and Spade are all dead, but Heart's army move out to avenge them and kill the man with seven scars by any means necessary. As gangs of bikers hit the streets, Ken, Bat and Lin are hiding out in an old building, watching the bikes go past them. Ken asks Lin why she left her own village and she tells him that it was because she missed him. She also explains that when she left her village, the truck she was hiding in was later attacked by a gang and she was taken to Dorado city. There were about 30 more people taken prisoner with her and they were all put into a certain building. Despite Bat thinking that going to try and rescue them would be crazy, Ken has already made up his mind.

Meanwhile, some of Heart's men have gone to a bar, having gotten fed up of not being able to find Ken. Some of them aren't impressed with the Bartender's slow speed. They are about to kill him when Heart himself arrives and tells them to stop it at once, as all workers are valuable. He tells the bartender to continue working and if he has any more trouble, he can report it to him.

He then also asks for a drink whilst putting his hand down on the table, where some smashed glass from a broken bottle happens to be. Heart looks at the palm of his hand, and notices that he is bleeding due to a cut.


(It hurts!)

Whenever Heart sees his own blood, he goes on a rampage! The bartender is the first one to die, as Heart then runs around the bar smashing everything in his path. The punks there have seen Heart like this before and they know they have to stop him if any of them want to survive. They all group together and decide to try and knock him out, so they all throw their clubs at him. The clubs hit their target and seem to stop Heart from moving.

But his body absorbs them and then spits them back out, taking out the majority of the punks. Only two are left and both are crushed into a wall by Heart, who finally calms down and realises that he "did it again". But he does hate the sight of his own blood.

Meanwhile Ken, Bat and Lin find the building where the slaves are being held, and Lin says that there are about 10 guards down there. Ken tells the pair to wait here and stay out of trouble whilst he makes his move. Knocking a giant boulder down a hill, the guards gather around it and see Kenshiro standing before them.

Ken leaps off the rock and the guys down there charge towards him. But as a few of them get close, Ken has a move ready for them.


(North Star Four Way Slash)

The above attack is a incredibly fast kick which kills four of the guards in gruesome ways. As the other punks look on they realise to their absolute horror that the attacked must be the man with seven scars, and he is walking towards them. Meanwhile, Bat, being the stupid little kid he is, decides to ignore Ken's order of staying put and goes down to the building to help out. Lin tries to stop him but ends up going with him. They find the slaves in a cell, so Bat tries to pick the lock.

As Bat fumbles around, a sleeping guard hears the noise he is making and goes to investigate. He finds the kids and is about to kill them with his club when he suddenly falls over, dead. Kenshiro appears and a stone falls out of the back of the guard's skull. Lin says sorry for not doing what Kenshiro said. Bat just says he wanted to let her see him in action although that kind of backfired. Anyway, Kenshiro breaks open the bars on the cell and the prisoners all run outside.

The prisoners are now free and are glad to just be able to see the sun again, and then thank Kenshiro. Bat says they need to get out of here and the group begins to walk away, but as they depart something catches Ken's eye. He spins around to see that flag of the Bloody Cross! He seems to know who the man who uses that crest, but he doesn't share it with the others.

Meanwhile, at King's fortress, the woman playing the harp is outside, and is thinking about Kenshiro. King then arrives and calls her by name: Yuria. He shows her some beautiful jewels he has collected for her, but she does not accept his gift and says that all she can see in them are the faces of people that have died just so King could get them. She then walks away and King is not happy as he cannot get Yuria to open his heart to her, but then he sees something else.

Joker teleports in and informs his master that one of the prisons was attacked by the man with seven scars. King thinks that Kenshiro is foolish to do such a thing as he will be killed for his actions, and he then asks where Heart is. Joker tells him that Heart should find Kenshiro very soon. King tells Joker to also go there and assist if he needs to do so, and as Joker teleports again Shin says that Heart is the "martial artist killer". If Kenshiro dies, it may be the perfect present for Yuria.

Kenshiro's group head to the mountains, as there it will be a safe spot where the gangs won't go looking for them. One of the older men falls down but Kenshiro presses pressure points on his legs to make him walk again. The group continue to move once more, but Pel suddenly starts to bark and in the distance a lot of smoke can be seen: King's men have found them! Kenshiro tells Bat to take the rest of the group to the mountains whilst he deals with the bikers.

Bat does what he's told for once and gets the group to move up the mountain, and they are soon nearly at the top. Meanwhile Kenshiro makes short work of all of the bikers, who did not listen to his warnings of them to get lost. Back with Bat, the group makes it to the top only to find that Heart and his men are waiting for them!

All of the escaped prisoners are killed by Heart's men, and Heart notices that Bat and Lin are the only ones left alive. However, his gang can't get to kill them as Kenshiro arrives and sees what has happened. After ripping his shirt he tells them that they are all pigs who have abandoned their human souls.

Heart tells his men to attack and they do, but they are soon all destroyed by one of Ken's Hokuto Shinken techniques.


(North Star Hundred Way Slash)

Heart bounces down and lands before Kenshiro. Kenshiro hits Heart, but when he hits him in his stomach his punch gets stuck! Heart gleefully tells him that his body is like rubber and that it can cushion him from any attack, so whatever silly technique Kenshiro attempts, it will not work. And the only thing that can defeat him is King's Nanto Seiken style. He then slaps Ken and smacks him into the ground.

As Ken is on the floor he thinks about what Heart just said: Nanto Seiken! The narrator then explains that there are two main bodies in the universe: the North Star (Hokuto) and the South Star (Nanto). The two killing arts for these are the North Star Divine Fist and the South Star Sacred Fist. As Ken gets back up he figures something out something about King: if he is trained in the Nanto Seiken style, then his real name is not King. He is someone else, someone who Kenshiro knows.

Kenshiro gets back up and says that Hokuto Shinken is invincible. Joker is watching the battle from above and throws a card at Heart's face, which cuts his left cheek. When Heart realises that he is bleeding...

...he goes into a rage again, but Ken isn't scared. He kicks Heart in the chest. Heart says his attacks are useless, but Kenshiro repeats that Hokuto Shinken is invincible and then starts to kick Heart at lightning fast speeds. After doing this, Kenshiro lands a punch:


(North Star Softness Ripping Slash)

The kicks softened up Heart's body and the punch hit one of his pressure points, so as far as Kenshiro is concerned, Heart is already dead. Seconds later, Heart explodes.

Joker sees that Heart has died, so he teleports away without being seen. Bat and Lin are happy that Ken has won, but Kenshiro has worked out who this "King" is the one he crawled out of hell to defeat, it is his sworn enemy, it is...



The past of Kenshiro, Yuria and Shin will finally be made clear in the next episode, so tune in next time for "Can the Flames of Love Burn in Hell? You Are Already Dead!!"

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